The hall of the hotel we stayed in…aka the hotel in the Shining


Day 9 of the road trip…And then there were three.

One of our travel mates decided he didn’t want to continue on the road trip. So that leaves three of us to take Ron Burgandy back home. We continued on our trip like we had originally planned.  Shit happens.

Red Rock…where you run stairs during the day and where you sit and watch concerts at night…amazing place

We left for Red Rock around 10:30 am. I can’t say enough about this place. It was amazing. If you are ever in the Colorado area it is a must see. It was free to go and walk the trails and sit in the ampitheater until 2:00 pm each day. There was a lot of runners and hikers, lots of trails and just about everyone but us had brought their dog.  Even some joker who left their dog in their car and the loud speaker came on and told us about them.  Some people were heard in the crowd saying that they were going to go wait by their car and beat those peoples asses when they went back to get their dog.  Our group did not get pitchforks out right away.  We know people who actually have air conditioners in their cars for their pets so we weren’t jumping to conclusions…yet.  Not to say I wouldn’t beat someone’s ass who leaves their dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up.  It’s like the media.  I don’t believe everything on TV or online; if I see something with my own eyes, trust me, I will say something. (all my friends and family just snickered nodding their heads didn’t they)

We left Red Rock around 12:30 and headed to Boulder, Colorado to find a hotel and a place to watch the UFC fight (Diaz vs McGreggor). This was definitely a college town. We passed multiple fraternities and sororities. It was pretty cool to see college students milling around town, living life.  It was a great energy to that town.  Young energy.

We found cheap accomodations at the Rodeway Inn and Suites. The hallways and rooms look like the hotel in the movie The Shining, but the room will do.  Just need a place to lay our heads, take a shower and store our stuff while we’re out on the town. Once we got settled into the room, we (meaning Dana), called around to see who was showing the fight.

We kept hearing that Harpo’s was the place to be, and we called Harpo’s and they even told us ‘they were the best place to be’.  So we got the Uber app out and Uber’d it to Harpos around 4:00 pm. We ate food, we drank multiple pitchers of beer and we immersed ourselves into the lives of all those around us watching the fight. We talked to many people in the bar, we high fived those that were rooting for the same fighters we were and at the end of the night we visited with the locals before taking an Uber back to the room.  Great night…we even placed a couple of the Travelintoxication stickers around the bar.  One was thrown away in the trash, but the other one made it at least to closing.  Not sure if it’s still there or not. But if you ever go into Harpo’s in Boulder Colorado, let me know if you see it!

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