I moved back to Del Mar Campground at Pendleton, but instead of being right on the beach, I was in the parking lot across from the front office. No worries…it was amazing, and I was where I was supposed to be!

There were awesome people on both sides of me! There was a group of very nice and helpful friends who invited me to play cards, and their husbands helped me figure out how to get my power and how to slow the leak in my black tank! It was so fun getting to know them, and I will have to say that I won the very first hand of cards with the ladies, they thought I was a card shark…nope, lost all my winnings from the first hand over the next few times I played with them. Dang, there went some of my laundry money!

And mid way through my stay I was able to get power, and I was told to put cooking oil on my black tank O rings (or whatever they are called). So I went to the market on the beach and looked for cooking oil. All I had in my cupboard was coconut cooking oil…solid kind. I asked the lady at the counter if they had cooking oil, and all she could find was Pam cooking spray. So I bought it and used it, helped!

It was so nice to be able to meet all of the campers that came and went beside me. So fun to hear everyone’s stories. I met a couple and sat at their campfire one night. He was a veteran who had PTSD. As a fellow sufferer it was nice to talk with him. He invited me down to the beach with his family the next day, but I was feeling blue, and decided to stay home to write. I told him I would come visit the next day since they were able to secure a front row spot in the campground. Parley and I walked down there the next day, but I couldn’t find them…not sure if they left, or ???

I also met a young guy who’s been working from the road and hopes to travel and work like I’m doing. Another family was next to me for one night. He was in the Marine Corps but decided to be a Navy Chaplain instead, nice guy. And when we were leaving a high ranking marine moved in, and he seemed nice, but mostly kept to himself

Also, lesson learned. I didn’t put the dish strainer over the sink and the water drained onto the counter, and then thru the half wall and onto my mattress…wet bed. So I had to pull up the mattress to let it dry.

The cats were in their normal moods…happy. They were so happy one morning when I put them out on their leashes and they found a bird feather.

My son and his girlfriend took me to dinner a few times, and we went to a tea place where you got different types of tea’s and small bites of sandwiches, fruit, scones and deserts. I ordered the pina colada tea…smelled and tasted just like one!! It was fun! It was also very cute seeing the little girls come into the restaurant all dressed up…hats and all!

Later that day my son took me out for beer and ice cream…two of my favorite food groups.

We drank some flights, and I loved the beer. Even bought some to take with me!!

And then some homemade ice cream!! YUMMMMM! The guy scooping the ice cream does not disappoint!

Afterwards we walked down to the beach in Carlsbad. Love the ocean!

Tried to have a drink at the Belching Beaver brewery…but they were closed. damn.

Over the week Parley, Syndy and Murray enjoyed the beach so much!

Murray even conquered his fears of the tanks!

It was a glorious week on the beach, and I’ll say it again, I could live here…really, I could!

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6 thoughts on “Back to the beach…again

  1. So much awesomeness in all your posts!! I just love seeing your fur babies enjoying the different locations. Kats in a Kamper, who knew! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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