Once I left Amarillo I decided to head south…to the beach! My friend Lisa Marie has always wanted to go to Corpus Christi so I decided to head that way and let her know how it is!

But first I had to drive through almost the whole state of Texas! I decided to stay off the major highways and I drove down old farm roads. It was just my speed…plus, no one was on the road! I had it almost always to myself.

There was a lot of cotton fields on the way, and lots and lots and lots of wind farms…lots and lots. I even stopped a few times along side the road for lunch and snacks…and potty breaks for me and the pets.

I decided I would make two overnight stops on my way south, that way I wasn’t driving too many miles a day.

First stop after Amarillo was Snyder, Texas. I stayed at the Royal Community & RV Park. It was a cool, gated RV park just off the highway. Just what I needed, and it wasn’t too pricey either!

It was a quick stay. I got there around 3:00 pm or so and pretty much setup, let the dog go for a walk, then food, then off to bed. I wanted to get an early start the next day because it was going to be a little over 200 miles to the next spot.

I woke up early, unhooked everything and was on the road within 30 minutes…hey, I got this shit down! Efficiency at it’s best!

I was heading to Kerrville Texas to the Kerrville KOA next. It was more farmlands, cotton and windfarms. But an easy drive! NOT!!!!

I was driving up and down very steep grade mountains to get to Kerrville. I didn’t think there were mountains in Texas??!!!!

As I was going up one particularly steep hill, yes with my a/c off and my gas pedal to the floor, my truck started to make this horrible knocking sound…horrible sound!!!

After all the trouble I’ve had with that truck I decided to teach it who was boss…me! So I just kept pumping the gas pedal and forcing it to get going up that damn hill! Then as I was decending down off the other side of that hill I saw a place to pull off the road, so I did. The fucking truck learned it’s lesson and realized who was boss…it stopped being weird and we got back on the road.

Side note: I asked dad about this and he said it sounded like bad gas…well, ok, I’ll accept that answer. But it still learned who was boss.

I got to Kerrville early in the afternoon and checked in. It was a really cool campground! Large sites, and it had trees and grass!

It also had a really big and cool store, and a really small and cold pool!

It was the last week that they would have the pool open. This campground is in the mountains so I can see that it would need to close the pool soon. At this campground I didn’t have to use my A/C at all. I didn’t even hook it up.

The pets loved it!! There were so many birds out that the cats just sat and watched them the whole rest of the day and into the night. And Parley loved being tied up outside in the mini yard.

After leaving the campground I told Parley that the next stop would be the beach, and that we would be there for a whole month! He was quite happy about that! And Murray thinks he’s cray cray.

Finally after driving for half the day and then some we made it to the water!! It was sooo nice!

I had researched all of the RV parks in Corpus Christi and in Port Aransas Texas to see which one was best to go stay for a month. I settled on Port Aransas, and I’ll tell you why. In the reviews online a few moms of small children commented on the 50 plus year old women getting their drink on in the hot tub…and they were swearing. SOLD!

It was a beautiful drive out to Mustang Island into Port Aransas.

I pulled into Island RV Park. It was a very clean and awesome park! As I checked in out on the front office porch, because it was closed for guests due to covid, they told me that a guy would come to park me. A guy did pull up in his golf cart and parked me in my spot…right across from the bathhouse and the pool and hot tub! SCORE! The site even had some grass, and no rule against the cat cage or letting Parley sit out in the grass on his tie out. I was home…for a month anyway.

First night at this campground and Murray was finally able to relax and have a beer…well, two beers to be exact!

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8 thoughts on “Deep in the heart of Texas and almost over the edge

  1. Lol..Murray take it slow! Hahahaha
    TEXAS is pretty baron flat lands with not very many trees. But I do remember some of the hills.
    Corpus Christy looks great!
    Way to show Ms Red whose boss!

  2. Ahhh time to relax. And decompress. Write a book and just stop. Imagine that you can just stop. Don’t panic when it hits just take some deep breaths and say I want this and I am Ian Ian going to enjoy this to the max. HUGS!

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