May 2021

Another friend decided to come travel with me for about a week! (HK means Heather / Krista, in case you were curious, lol)

We started in Savannah Georgia and ended in Charlotte North Carolina!

After surviving the gas shortage, I got to Skidaway Island State Park in Georgia, near Savannah. I parked the trailer into our awesome campsite, unhooked, setup the a/c in the trailer, let the pets go out on their leashes before putting them inside the trailer, and then I took off in the truck to pick up Heather at the airport.

It was a long flight for her that day, so after the airport we ate dinner and headed back to the trailer to sleep. The cats had knocked off the plastic container on top of the a/c unit while I was gone. So, I used a dishrack, and two shelf racks, and bungy cords to solve the problem! I hope anyway!

One thing I will say about Georgia is that I still cannot get over these trees! They are magical and beautiful! Love them!!!

After a good night sleep, we headed into Savannah to be tourists, and to meet up with my friend Sandy that I met while in Claxton at Bliss Farms who let me help out at the pub. You remember right?

We met Sandy at the Molly McPherson’s to visit and to have a drink or two. With our HK unleashed tank tops on, that Heather got made for us, we felt invincible, like superheroes. Which is the only excuse that I would come up with after we ordered a flight of whiskey. To say that I don’t like whiskey is definitely an understatement and a half, ok a triple statement and a half. But somehow the flight got drank, and it wasn’t because of me.

After having a flight of whiskey for breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Sandy and ventured out onto the streets of Savannah. The buildings there are so amazing! If you have never been here, it needs to be on your list! There is so much to do here it would take you a month to see it all!!

We even met some really cool people and entered into some pretty crazy bars! It was getting late and we decided to head back to the trailer. Tomorrow we would be leaving town and heading north. We could only find a spot this close to Savannah for two nights, which sucks.

The next morning, we packed up the trailer, loaded into the truck and left Savannah! Destination: James Island City Park, SC.

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