Guess what!!!! I purchased a used truck from the same person (aka work hubby) I got my trailer from!!! It’s a 1997 Chevy…yes, I know it’s old, I know it might be hard to find parts for but yes, I can work on it without a computer. Which is why I purchased it. That and because my quad fits in the bed of that truck and it can tow my trailer across this great land of ours.

Side story about my mechanic skills: My dad and brother can both work on cars. Some of their information was given to them by my grandpa. My grandpa on my dad’s side was a mechanic. For my 16th birthday my grandma put a big red bow on their 74 datsun pick up. My mom took me to their house the afternoon of my birthday, and the same day I was able to get my drivers license. When I arrived I saw the big red bow on the truck and knew that truck was mine! I named her Scruffy. And boy did I have an enormous amount of memories in that truck. I could write a book about the adventures of Scruffy. Hmmm, book idea!!!

Back to my story…my grandpa gave me that truck on two conditions; that I would come to their house every other Saturday to take their garbage to the dump, and that I would learn how to work on the truck myself. Deal, deal and triple deal!!!! I learned a lot from grandpa, from pouring coke a cola on battery posts that have acid residue (I handed that intel down to my son too) and to put my hair up when dropping a trany when replacing a clutch. Damn that sounds bad ass…droppin’ a trany.

For the above reasons, this is why I purchased an older truck. and it’s the same year my son was born so you can’t go wrong there.

And because my baby quad fits so beautifully in the back of the truck I have sold my ATV trailer to a friend.

Now I have my vehicle to bring my travel trailer home to work on! And because my old ATV trailer will be gone there will be room in the garage to paint cabinet doors, store wires and anything else I need to do to get the trailer travel ready!

One more piece of my traveling puzzle in place!

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