After being home for a few days after my road trip I’ve been, umm, what is the word?  Oh yeah…a lazy ass.

I got home on a Wednesday afternoon and other than taking my son to the doctor, running to food pavilion for canned cat food (only cuz Spikey was glaring at me and meowing incessantly) and going to lunch with my son, I have done nothing but sit on the couch and bing watch Alias while drinking up all the alcohol, except my wine, that I had in my fridge for four damn days.  Yes, I know I said ‘all the alcohol I had’.

Oh, and I watched as my landlord brought in a lot of different workers to fix everything that was broken in my soon to be ex-mcmansion.   Which then pushed me to have my parents come and pick up everything that was sitting in my mini back yard so they can take it to their house until I move into their rental…next door.

I even missed out on responding to a search and rescue mission today.  sigh.  My life sometimes.

But as I was sitting on my couch this evening, dreading going to work tomorrow after having two glorious weeks off, feeling, what’s the word?  Cage-y.  I was flipping thru my Hulu watch list to see if my usual show, My 600 pound life had any new episodes out.  As I realized I was out of new episodes of the show that I love to watch because it shows most of the people not giving up, and succeeding, I scrolled down to “other shows you might like” and I spotted Unsupersize Me.  I’ve never heard of this show and it intrigued me.

So I hit play…

This movie was right up my ally.  It showed what a vegan diet with exercise can do for a person.

Now I know this is probably news to some of you, but most of the people who know me know that I have been a vegetarian since I was 19 years old…yep, before it was cool and before I was old.

I remember at age 19, at my parents house for dinner, my mom making spaghetti and I had just finished reading River Phoenix’s article in Seventeen magazine about being a vegetarian, (Here’s the link to what River had to say all those years ago: I looked at her and told her I was never going to eat meat again.  She laughed at me and said, yeah ok.  And the rest is non-meat history.  No beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood…nothing that could have babies.  I did still eat dairy and eggs though.  Eggs are chicken waste not baby chickens…Amy.

For those who don’t know, River Phoenix, is a fellow Virgo, born 7 days before me, same year and is Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother.  River died of a drug overdose in front of Johnny Depps club, the Viper Room, in October of 1993.  He was in numerous movies, including Stand By Me and My Own Private Idaho.  And he was quite the activist after my own heart.

Now back to the movie I just watched…

This was an amazing movie actually.  Sometimes I watch these shows that preach how to lose weight and all I really hear is blah blah blah, spend your money on my shit.  But actually this movie made it all very easy.  The way to get healthy is simple…exercise one hour a day and only eat a plant based diet.  I’m almost doing that now.  I just need to cut out carbs, eggs and cheese and I’m there.  And they said NOTHING about alcohol.  Wine and vodka are plant based…right?

Over the last two years following a horrible trauma I have packed on the pounds.  Not a lot of pounds, but enough to make me feel it.  I can’t do things like I used to.  Yes, I can still touch my toes, and my boobs stick out further then my tummy, but…I’m not at my fighting weight.  And for some reason, I truly would feel better if I were.  I can’t use my trauma as an excuse any longer as some of my friends might say, and with my recent epiphanies from my traveling, I need to truly stand up for myself.  To make myself a priority.

So here begins my goal to only eat a plant based diet…as I finish off my glass of blackberry wine, which I believe is plant based.

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