My son is currently in the Marine Corp and he got his orders to move across the country from the west coast to the east coast. And he needed to take his car with all of his worldly possessions…mostly REI camping gear to his new base.

So my dad offered to go on the road trip with him so he didn’t have to go alone. They decided that they would come down to Texas for a quick visit on their way to the Atlantic coastline!

I showed them around town; the beach, bars, restaurants, and of course the bird sanctuary. Unfortunately the gator was a no show…damn.

It was a short visit, but I was very happy to see both of them!!!

It was good to have more company visit, and my time at the RV park was coming quickly to an end. My boyfriend would be flying down soon so that we could head out on the road again! I was ready…let me rephrase that, I was born ready!!!

The ladies of the RV park held a meeting at the local bar that offers $1 beers during the day. The meeting was to discuss this years RV park Christmas gift exchange. The discussion only lasted about 20 minutes and we all didn’t want to go home yet. So my friend from the RV park pulled into her bag and pulled out the dice game ‘left, right center’! Some of the ladies had never heard of it. But I had. The crew always plays it at gatherings, and we play for quarters…$3 in quarters to be exact. Not these Texas ladies…they play for one dollar bills!!! Yes it’s only $3, but dang the game goes pretty fast, and with 11 ladies playing that is a $33 pot within 10-15 minutes!! It was crazy!

We played two rounds, then we all decided it was time to get on our golf carts and head home…well, to the RV park. It was a great time!!

On the first Saturday of December, Port Aransas has a golf cart Christmas Light Parade and a boat Christmas light parade. I was in attendance for both! It was so cool!

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2 thoughts on “More company…and left, right, center for the rich

  1. I love it especially the parades and left right center a fairly new game to me.but what a riot. So glad you are keeping or being kept out of trouble on the road. LOL! MY bff is ready for you in Virginia when you head that way give me heads up and I will get you what you need to know. I know Sister Deb in New Hampshire will welcome you anytime. Again just let me know. HUGS!

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