As I sit here on my couch in front of the tv on my laptop writing this blog and watching a pretty cheesy show called Rescue Special Ops…I believe it’s an Australian show (Gotta love Amazon prime) I’ve been thinking about all that I have to do before I leave on my trip on Friday.

I need to call my cell phone carrier to see what the 411 is on using my cell in other countries. I need to clean my room and my TV room to make sure it’s nice and clean before I leave…love coming home to a clean and organized house. I need to start setting out all of the items I’m going to take with me on the 10 day trip so I can see if it will all fit in my travel backpack. I need to give my dog Parley a bath and trim his nails. I need to figure out what I need to do so the jet lag won’t be so bad. I need to find where to park my car near the airport and pay for it. I need to buy new walking shoes.

What I have already done is:

  • Bought all of the plane tickets (total of 7 flights) Germany has been added to the list of places to visit…but only for lunch.
  • Reserved the hotel rooms in Amsterdam and Dublin.
  • Reserved the car in Italy.
  • Bought plug adapters for all of the different plug in’s in all the different counties I will be in.

I am so excited for this trip!!

Stay tuned!!!

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