I’ve finally acquired a trailer…a 1960’s Bell.   My wonderful work husband and his wife gifted me their old camper trailer.


It’s in really great shape, it just needs some minor fixes and then I will be able to ‘girl’ it up!

I want to paint the outside of the trailer powder blue and paint a large white daisy on the opposite side of the trailer door.  I want to also put this blog website address on the back of the trailer, and on the door side of the trailer I want to have chalk board paint for messages, not permanent messages obviously.  One good rain storm and it would be cleaned and ready for the next sunny day.

For the inside of the trailer I have big, big plans!  Put a wall at the end of the kitchen counter so the bed has a bedroom, with a lovely curtain hanging in the opening.  Paint all the wood, put in a different floor, new curtains, spruce up the table and benches, update the bathroom and pretty much MAKE IT MINE…ALL MINE!

The stove is the focal point of the trailer.   All my design will be around that!  Not that I really cook, but…isn’t the stove awesome!

I have gone on Etsy and Pinterest and searched the world wide web for ideas on how to re-do my trailer.  I have found way too many great ideas!  Once the small amount of water damage is repaired and it’s resealed then I will be getting to the fun part…the decorating!

I’m also very excited to do some shopping for items to have in the trailer like silverware, plates, wine glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses…you get the idea.  I of course will shop out of my house first because lord knows I have enough items for two households.

Once the trailer is completed to my satisfaction…I will hook it up to the back of the Durang and go on a weekend adventure to a campground somewhere close and have a trial over-nighter!

I’m so excited that I have acquired one more thing to fulfill my dream of traveling!  Baby steps my dear…baby steps!

Wonder how the cats will like it?  Maybe I can put one of these in for them…

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