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Devil’s Slide in Utah

Day 11 of the road trip.

We woke up feeling better by sleeping in a real house…not a hotel.  It’s very interesting that it doesn’t matter what you sleep on, but what you sleep in.  A home has such good energy, most hotels don’t.   Don’t get me wrong.  I love staying at a hotel just as much as the next girl (mind out of the gutter please), but staying in 9 different hotels over 10 days…a little brutal.  My friend John’s house was just what we needed for night 11, and after our long drive the day before.

As we left the house we remembered two things John told us; one, for gas we needed to head down the road to Grumps as it was the only gas station in town, and two, that on our way out of town we needed to stop and take pictures of Devil’s Slide where two plates slid up out of the earth and made what looked like a slide.

When we arrived at Grump’s they told us they were out of unleaded gas…we had to try to make it to the next gas station, about 15 miles up the highway.  Dana and I had faith, Beth was a little concerned, but happy that she was traveling with such positive people.  Plus, I told her, if we ran out of gas we could meet local law enforcement…that would be fun!

On our way we saw a sign stating that the Devil’s Slide viewing area was fast approaching.  We exited to the viewing area and took some pictures.  It was pretty awesome to see it.  I’ve included a picture with this article.  Beth suggested we use it when we talk about earthquakes to the public and responders…I agreed!

For those that are worried, or wondering how hot the cop was who brought us gas…we made it to the gas station with plenty of gas to spare.  Had your hopes up, didn’t I?

Around noon we made it into Idaho, or as I like to say, “I-da-ho”.  It was fun to say it over and over, and over again as we passed the now entering Idaho sign.  Remember, day 11 people, long ass road trips make you a little crazy.

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Downtown building in Boise, Idaho

We all decided we could make it to Boise that night, then in the morning head to my Aunts house in Wenatchee (which anyone who knows me, I call it the ‘snatch’).  So Dana found us a great hotel, Cottonwood Suites, in the outskirts of Boise, and then the day drinking began.

I googled local restaurants in the area and saw one that looks like the Train Wreck in our county and we called ourselves an Uber.  The first Uber driver, Ramona, accepted our trip, but then for some reason her information left my app and Carlo’s information came up.  So as Carlos drove up to the front of the hotel, we got in.  As we were leaving the parking lot there was a women in her car, looking at her cell phone, blocking the exit to the hotel.  Carlos wondered what some women was doing sitting there on her phone, then he went around her and took us to the bar.  Dana suggested that may have been Ramona, and we all giggled, except for Carlos because he didn’t know what we were talking about.

We arrived at 10 Barrels Brewery around 6:15 pm.  It was a very cool spot in downtown Boise.  The beer was good, the food was excellent and the atmosphere was amazing.  Before we got our fImage-2 (2)irst beer an unknown number from Boise was calling me.  I denied the first call, then when the second one came in we all laughed and said, I bet it’s Ramona from Uber.  Yep we were right.  She said she closed out her map and lost our information, but she wanted to make sure we made it to our destination.  I thought that was great customer service.  I assured her we were good, and thanked her for double checking with us.

Image-1 (14)After eating and drinking a few more beers, we decided to walk a little to let it all settle.  For a Monday night the town was very busy!  Many of the bars and restaurants on main street had outdoor seating, and most were full of people.  Remember, this was on a Monday night.  As we were walking down the street we were talking about the names of the other restaurants.  One we chuckled when reading was named Pie Hole.  As we passed a women talking to her husband we overheard her ask him if they should go back to Pie Hole.  We laughed, and Dana said, shut your pie hole.  It was hilarious.

Again people…11th day on the road!


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