My first morning in Port Aransas Texas was nothing short of paradise. A humid one, but still amazing.

I was so happy that I was going to be able to settle in, keep my mugs on my wall rack and setup an outdoor living space for a month!

I took full advantage, night and day, of the bath house, the pool and especially the hot tub. Especially since it was just a hop skip and a jump away from my campsite!

There is no laundry room on site due to Hurricane Harvey leveling this whole RV park many years ago. They haven’t been able to rebuild it yet. But there is an awesome one in town, just down the road from me. It’s called Wacky Willies. It seems brand new!

It also comes complete with a drive up ice dispenser in the parking lot!!

Speaking of Ice…I don’t have a freezer and I love ice in my drinks so I decided to buy a small counter top ice maker. It’s so awesome! I was able to buy it off Amazon, and then drive about 45 minutes to Corpus Christi to pick it up at a pharmacy of all places. It was in a shady part of town so I had to knock on the door to have them let me in. It was a pretty smooth transaction!

And Murray loves sitting on the ice maker…unless it’s on.

I also headed down to the beach to check things out! It was an amazing sight! I love the beach, and this one is no exception! Parley loved it too!

There is also a harbor around the corner from the beach.

I was in desperate need of a pedicure since I haven’t had a professional one for almost a year!

So I googled and found an awesome nail salon here in town, Island Nail and Spa. I went in and got one of the many types of pedicures they offer, and I treated myself to a hot stone massage as well! It was awesome!

I also met an awesome couple who have been showing me around town and hanging out with me at the hot tub! They live at the same RV Park I’m staying at. I just love them!

There are lots of bars here in town, and it’s nice to have great people to go out for some drinks with!

We even went out for Halloween!

Some other awesome friends of mine (Tami, Sheri and Amy) bought me an Olive Garden gift card for my birthday back in August. So when I went into Corpus Christi one day to find some shorts and tank tops, I stopped in and used the gift card! Thank you ladies! It was a much needed day out without the children…aka Parley, Sydney and Murray.

I have been mostly fixing and eating my meals in my trailer; one to save money and two because Parley hates when I leave.

One problem you may run into, and this can happen at even the most deluxe and clean RV parks, is ants in your trailer. Ugh, I hated it! It was so gross! But I took care of them…well, I will have to keep taking care of them, so I bought a big can of ant killer!!

Here are your weekly Parley, Sydney and Murray pics! Enjoy!

This was such a great spot that I decided to stay here for an additional month!

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5 thoughts on “Simple Paradise…

  1. Wan ok after spending much money on ice and finding out how rare the spots were that we could even buy it at times bought a counter top ice maker and loved it. But only used it when engine was running or just after we turned it off. Had great coolers and built in ice box in counter but put ice in container in there to keep what we wanted cold and ran the boat enough to keel ice box frozen which was a couple hours a day. So batteries stayed charged and frozen froze. I am still fantasizing about my RV or van and traveling but it will be awhile yet.
    Right now took a part time job notes caring for my sister’s friend’s 94 year old mom who is hospice care. Work supposedly 7 hours a night but more like 5 to 6 as the man of the house gets up very early and sends me on home. It is not hard and I an make a little Christmas and pin money. AND I feel useful. Yay!! Stay safe have fun!!

  2. What a beautiful place! The beach looks wonderful!
    I’m glad you got out for some adult time and even some live music it looks like. Very cool! I don’t think there is any place you can go here for live music
    I love the pics of the kids!
    So happy you are enjoying yourself and in such a great place and meeting new friends.
    Love you!

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