At the Old Montana Prison sitting outside the gallows
At the Old Montana Prison sitting outside the gallows

Day 3 of the road trip.

Woke up in Deer Lodge Montana…I was not feeling to fresh.  The night before many shots flowed, many drinks flowed and I was feeling all of my 45 years. But I didn’t let it stop me. I put my big girl panties on, ate some top ramen, took some excedrine (aka E) and some pepto bismal and got into Ron Burgandy.  And yep, I did pack some top ramen with me on this trip…gotta be prepared for the hangovers.

First stop of the day…the Old Montana Prison.  It was an amazing place to go.  Martin, Beth and Dana went through the old car museum inside.  It was too warm and my stomach wasn’t ok yet, so I ventured outside into the blazing hot sun.  I wandered through the prison yard imagining the men that were housed there and if any of them were still haunting the grounds.  I ended up stopping outside the gallows and sat down on the bench out in front of the building.  Pigeons would come over to where I was at to talk to me.  Maybe those were the prisoners reincarnated…but I don’t speak pigeon so I can’t confirm nor deny that theory.

The rest of my group finally caught up to me and we made our way back to the van.  Time for breakfast.  It was ok food, ate at 4B’s by the highway just down from our hotel.  After breakfast we hit the road.  I had my blanket and pillows at the ready and I slept for most of the drive.  My passengers got a reprieve from my talking (babbling is what Dana calls it).

We were on our way to Billings Montana.  Beth found us the Lexington Inn and Suites in Billings.  With the government rate we paid the same for this hotel then the Travel Lodge.  And this one was NICE!  With a pool and hot tub even!

We unpacked Ron Burgandy and settled our stuff into the hotel room…now it was time for food.  Red Lobster it is!  Great food, and we all licked our plates again.  Then back to the hotel for some pool and hot tub time.  We were exhausted and in bed by 10pm…sunday is the day of rest.

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