As I prepare for my upcoming trip to New Orleans (and then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida) for the first time, I have decided to dedicate this trip for all of you who are on budget! And for all of you who would like to travel to New Orleans but aren’t sure if you really really…really want to.


I live all the way across the country in Washington state so flights aren’t too cheap from Seattle, but in researching and downloading different apps and looking, and refreshing, and looking everyday of the week for inexpensive flights, I finally found a round trip ticket for under $300 ($285 to be exact) on the Hopper app. Hopper is a good option because you can ask it to watch certain flights for you, it gives you some intel as to what day and time you can get cheaper flights.


Then the fun began as I looked for a place to rest my weary head at night, at least for the two nights I will be in New Orleans. I have never stayed in an Airbnb house before, but I know people who have, and they are still alive, so I thought, why not give it a try!

I found a cute little studio with it’s own bathroom and it’s own front entrance for under $50 per night! Score! and when I went to pay it actually reduced in price by a $1. Hey, a dollar is a dollar! I also made sure to message the person who i’ll be renting from to ask lots of questions. I asked about the noise, how close the bus stop is to the place and if they have early check in. She was very responsive, and answered all my questions. Most importantly is that the bus stop is a block and a half away. Perfect!


I also looked at transportation. All the sites tell you to not rent a car, and to take Uber’s and Taxi’s. Some sites said to take the public transportation, but other sites said that the boogy man will get you if you do.

I’m opting to make friends with the boogy man and only pay $9 for a three day pass on public transportation. The bus runs at different times from the airport to where i’ll be resting my head, and back. This will be an adventure!

I have downloaded the public transportation app that includes a trip planner. This will help me considerably since I don’t want to look like a tourist.

What to pack.

Now the work begins as to what to pack. Do I take a carry on suitcase, or do I check luggage? Now remember that I will be taking public transportation from and to the airport. I am opting to take my little suitcase that I can carry on. I’m only 5′ tall and I can’t imagine taking my 3 1/2′ tall suitcase on public transportation and not look like I’m a tourist. I will also take my shoulder bag that zips on the top to carry the overflow from my suitcase.

After three days in New Orleans I will be traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 7 days, so I need to also be mindful of that trip when I do my packing.

To be continued…

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