Remember when I acquired a free trailer a couple years ago?

Well, soon I will be bringing it home to my driveway (sorry roomies and neighbors) and I will be renovating it! So excited!

I have been out shopping for renovation ideas and watching lots and lots of RV Living channels on Youtube!

Here are a couple of options I found while at local hardware stores:

Possible kitchen counter, flooring and knobs to match the awesome stove

Over the next few months I will be painting the inside and outside of the trailer, putting in new window blinds, installing solar panels, replacing the toilet with a composting toilet, walling in the ‘bedroom’, replacing the table, purchasing and installing new batteries, and recovering all the foam pads.

My goal is to take it out as much as I can this summer to work out all the bugs…and get rid of all the bugs. I’m hoping within the next couple of years my business will be self sustaining and I can follow my dream of living in my trailer and traveling around the U.S. and experiencing all that this amazing world has to offer! Fingers crossed!!!

I have created a Youtube channel to document my progress, and I’ll also be sharing it here too! If you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel click on the above video and hit the subscribe button!

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2 thoughts on “The dream is still alive!

  1. I’m doing the same thing with my dad’s hunting trailer, his was way bad, I’m about 75% done!

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