My cats hate when I get my suitcase out, it means I’m leaving for a while.

Ok, the title of this post may be a little bit dramatic, but that being said I am about to embark on a road trip across the united states all the way to Mount Rushmore and back.  This trip will be a true test of how things may be when I finally fly away from the nest!

My trip begins tomorrow morning at 0700.  I have my lists of what I need to do and what to pack before I can go to bed tonight.  It’s after 11 pm and I haven’t finished packing yet.  But I’ll be ready, I’ll pull it off…I always do.

I’ll be taking this trip with three of my friends.  We have rented a mini van for cheap with unlimited miles.  We will have my car fridge, a cooler, snacks, liquor, beer and I’ve even made 19 CD’s for our listening pleasure.  Yep, I said CD’s (aka mixed tapes for us older peeps).

I’m taking my laptop so I can write as I travel.  This will be a true test as to how this may go as I move closer to my future one way trip.  I will also be writing a log of our travels in one of my notebooks so I can remember things that have happened during the day.  I am getting older you know, I can’t always remember shit.

I’ve also purchased an atlas and some travel books.  I’ll be able to make notes in those books and use them for future trips.

I will make sure to take so many pictures that I won’t know what to do with all of them.  I’ve opened up a travelintoxication snapfish account so everyone on this trip can upload their pictures to this album.  Four photo sources is way better than one.

I’m so excited to begin this trip.  There is such a big world out there and I have always felt that I am missing out on seeing it, that time is passing me by so quickly that before I know it I’ll be too old to travel like I want to.  I’ll be 46 years old on the 30th of this month…I’m halfway to dead already!

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