To start, I’d like to apologize for not catching up on my blog posts sooner…I took the holidays off. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Over Tofurky week, one of my besties, Lisa Marie, came to visit me. She is of course the reason I even came this south in Texas. She always wanted to go to Corpus Christi and told me to go check it out. Well…I apologize in advance to Corpus Christi but they are too much like a big city, and I was looking for a small beach town.

As Lisa was solidifying her travel plans she asked me if it would work for her to fly into the Houston airport. I said sure…how far could it be. It turned out to be far! Four hours one way far. But it was good to get on the road again, the truck was sitting too long.

It was a beautiful drive. I saw only one thing that struck me as odd. A pig, not a wild pig but a charlottes web type of pig, ran across the highway from one field to another field. It was the weirdest thing! The truck in front of me almost hit it, but stopped just in the nick of time. As I slowed to see why he was stopping here runs the pig. It was probably escaping from the pig slaughterhouse…run pig run!! Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of it. dang.

After coming back from the airport and getting her settled into the trailer we decided that the next day will be the day for sightseeing! I had setup an outdoor living space so it wouldn’t be so crowded in the trailer. Inside the trailer I turned my table into a bed so we could each have our own sleeping spots!

We awoke to sunshine!! It was turning out to be an awesome week of weather…so we thought.

Over the next few days we did the touristy stuff and shopped at a couple of the stores for t-shirts, etc.

Then we went to the swing bar for a drink or two! Pretty cool place! They have swings instead of chairs up at the bar, and in a couple of places throughout the bar. They also have a drive thru bar, which of course we had to try!

We drove into the big building and ordered two drinks to go! They told us we couldn’t put the straw into the drink until after we drove off…seems legit. With drinks in hand we headed back to the trailer and in to the hot tub we went!

One night the awesome couple that I met at the RV park took us out on their golf cart to an awesome pizza place…the Gaff! The beer garden in the back had sander race tracks…yep hand sanders. And there was a truck parked out front that made it through hurricane harvey!

We also got to see a sneak peek of their boat that they were attaching Christmas lights to for the annual Christmas boat parade! They won first place…again!!!

Out to hit the town on a couple of nights…was fun checking out all the bars!

One day we took the cats and the dog to the amazing beach! Murray was a little scared of it, but Sydney has no fear of the water. She even walked right up to the waves. And Parley…he loves the beach, hates the water.

For Tofurkey day we went to an asian restaurant…so good! And yes, we ate way too much!!

Then off to the Selena monument and the USS. Lexington, both did not disappoint!

We also went down to the bird sanctuary that was located near my RV park. I had gone down there a few weeks prior and saw a gator in the water and lots of really cool birds. Well, when Lisa Marie and I went down there we saw a little turtle and a big fat gator! It was awesome!

Soon it was time for Lisa Marie to fly back home to reality. We woke up that morning to a torrential rain storm! It flooded the RV park and especially under my trailer! We had to step into about two feet of water in order to get into the truck so we could head to the airport! I also had sprung two leaks in the trailer…f*ck. That sucks. Water buckets under the leaks it is…until I could get those areas sealed up again.

Then it was off to the airport! Horrible drive in the rain to the airport, but the drive back wasn’t too bad. One thing that Houston has is toll roads! We accidently drove in the toll pre-paid pass lanes, but when we actually realized we needed to go through the toll paying lanes, no one was in them…score!

It was nice to have her here for a week and to be a part of my great adventure!

After the rain stopped and the sun came out it was time to clean…everything outside had been sitting in water for at least 12 hours…yuck!

As per usual…Parley, Murray and Sydney pics! Check out Life of Parley on Instagram and on YouTube for more pictures and videos of them!!

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2 thoughts on “Tofurkey Day…I mean dead bird day

  1. Hello….January 11 is tofturkey day??? Uhum unhum it’s Hilda Maria Valdespino Day to the rest of the world!!! C’mon sista get your celebration days straight!!! This sounded like a great visit. I love the swing bar idea!

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