My grandpa Ed and I somewhere in Washington State.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always felt that I was destined for fame and fortune.  I used to sit in front of my vanity mirror as a child and act like I had just won an award for either being an actress, or a writer.  I would cry on cue as I imagined some sort of award being put into my hands and I would tearfully thank my parents, my brother and all my extended family for all of their support over the years.  I even used to imagine being asked to be a guest on Oprah, imagining my mom smiling, so happy that she was able to meet her. I of course, am neither an actress nor a writer…yet.

Now at 45, I feel a change a comin’.  That my wildest, craziest dream will finally be realized.  And no, I don’t want to be an actress, but I would love nothing more then to be a writer.  Throw in traveling the world, and I do believe I have myself a perfectly beautiful dream.

After my divorce was final, almost five years ago, I had a realization that I had not been living my life how I had imagined it as a child, or even as a teenager.  I had a lot of dreams that had been thrown to the way side because ‘life’ got in the way.  After I graduated from high school I had boyfriends, then a baby, then a husband, then a house, then pets.  I was always working more then one job at a time outside the home.  I was there for all of my family and friends for whatever they needed.  I was the rock.  I was there for everyone…but me.  This realization made me think about the future.  This realization was the catalyst to the creation of…my five year plan.

So what is my five year plan?  I started out by writing down where I saw myself in five years.   I wanted to be traveling the world and writing.  That’s it, it was that simple.

And why did I choose five years?  Because my son, my only child, would be graduating in five years from high school.  He would no doubt be moving out of my house and into his own apartment, or dorm room.  Well, five years is almost up, and my son will be graduating in June of this year.  He is just chomping at the bit to get his own place.  He came downstairs just as I was typing this saying that he can’t wait to have his own place.  He said he will play his music really loud, not like here where I make him keep it down because we share a wall with neighbors. Ahh, to be young again. 

There were some goals I had listed in my five year plan.

  • Sell my home
  • Get rid of most of my possessions
  • Reduce the amount of pets
  • Save money
  • Buy a new car
  • Only have one job

In reality, since I wrote the plan I have lost my home due to the divorce, I’ve continued to downsize my possessions, I’m down to two cats, I have some money saved, I don’t have a new car, and I currently am down to one job.   Crazy how much change occurs within less than five years…scary really.  But there is so many more things that I need to do before I can drive off into the sunset.

With only 4 1/2 months away from my sons graduation, I need to start working on the final details of my five year plan.  One item that I can now check off my to do list is setting up a blog.  My brother thought it would be a great way to keep a record of my journey.  And since he doesn’t do Facebook, it’s probably so he can keep track of what his big sister is doing.

Thank you for coming to my site and reading my first entry!

Watch my website for more blog posts about my journey…








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6 thoughts on “Welcome to my first blog post! Hold on it’s going to be a wild ride…

  1. You go girl
    Now it is time to finish your old 5 year plan and start a new one where will you have been on the next 5 years will you write about travel, people, pets or sites or all of it. I am starting to live my dream too when the weather breaks we will sail the 49 loan Grenadier into Canada to The Broughton (sp) Islands. Fishing sunning making new friends life with two cats on the boat. Guess I need to update my plan too. Anyway I love That you love living so much and am looking forward to following your blog. HUGS!

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