As I drove into Arizona I saw the coolest things. And I was driving up into the mountains!

These pictures just do not do the terrain justice. And yes, I was driving with one hand while clicking pictures out my dirty windows of the truck…while towing a trailer. Don’t tell my mom.

I even stopped at a McDonalds to take a break from driving, to use their bathroom and to have breakfast.

I also saw this while driving through Yucca Arizona. It’s a 40-foot diameter geodesic dome structure that holds a UFO museum dedicated to the alleged crash of a ‘flying saucer’. It looked cool as I was driving past it! I was going to stop, but it wasn’t open…and I was running from the heat. Again, pictures taken from my truck…flying down the road…towing a trailer.

The pets didn’t even wake up when I tried to tell them to look out the window at the aliens.

Finally after driving up the side of a couple mountains, and through the woods we made it to Williams, Arizona. The fresh (cool) air was amazing! Reminded me of Washington State in the summer, when it wasn’t raining.

This campground, The Canyon Motel & RV Park, is my second favorite campsite to date. The staff was so welcoming, the bathrooms and showers were the best, the laundry room was nice, and the indoor pool was nice…a little cold, but nice. I shouldn’t complain about the coldness.

They also had old train cars that you could rent to stay in. That would be cool!

I was scheduled to stay at this campground for three glorious cool nights, and four glorious warm days! It was bordered by the National Forest, which they said you could take your dog up into to walk if you’d like. Parley and I went there every morning and every evening.

Something funny about campgrounds, they are like little suburban neighborhoods…every one can hear you. A couple pulled in across from me and the guy was yelling saying that the old guy pulling into the office behind him almost ran into his trailer with his motorhome. He kept yelling that this old guy was at least ninety years old and had no business driving that big of a rig. Well, as luck would have it, they put that ‘old guy’ about two spaces away from the guy who was yelling. The yelling instantly stopped. But everyone that heard the yelling watched as the old guy backed in his greyhound sized motorhome into his site with no problems. It was quite comical. Then a few of us campers made eye contact with each other and smiled. Oh those crazy neighbors…

Sydney and Murray were able to be on their leashes outside for a while, and then in their cage outside of the trailer. They put us right next to a tree…full of birds. The cats were in heaven!

Part of the reason I decided to book this campground was because it was directly south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This was on my bucket list! Plus, for the kids books I’m writing about the traveling cats and dog I want real photos of them traveling and I’m going to turn those photos into illustrations. So I had to get their pictures taken on the edge of the Grand Canyon!!!

So we woke up early on our last day at the campground and took off to see the Grand Canyon. We stopped for gas and they had these cool statues! I had to take pictures.

Not sure how many of you have been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon but, well, ummm…There was a town there, about 10 miles from the entrance to the Grand Canyon. And I mean a town…with a Starbucks.

It was weird. Not sure why I was so surprised by that…but I was.

We finally made it past the town to the entrance of the park. I was excited, Parley was excited, the cats didn’t care much…they were napping.

They stopped us at the gate and told me to pay by scanning in the code on this brochure. She also told me all the places that the animals are not allowed to go. Which was ok, I had already researched to make sure I could even bring them there.

As I drove through the park I noticed a sign that said Desert View…I followed that one since I knew the visitors center, market plaza and village didn’t allow dogs, let alone cats.

I drove until I saw parking on the other side of the road, so I just swerved over and parked. The edge of the Grand Canyon was literally fifty feet from where I got out of my truck. And there was hardly anyone there. Which I loved! And the views were breathtaking. It was sooo amazing!

I took the cats out of their backpack, they had their leashes and halters. I had Parley on his leash…the pictures were going to be spectacular.

Nope, you know when you have that one kid, or two, who turn into shit heads when you try to take those expensive Christmas photos? Yeah, their names are Parley and Murray.

Parley was trying to run after another dog towards where we parked, and Murray proceeded to pull on his leash and his halter was slowly pulling off of him as he was backing towards the edge of the canyon. Shit show…

I had three leashes in one hand, and my phone in the other, trying to snap pictures…this is what I got. And some people were walking by commenting, “that lady brought her cats!”. The tone was a little condescending for me.

Sigh…at least Sydney did well. She just sat there watching the shit show. Not sure what I will do with the kids book now. Or I’ll just put these in there to make kids learn the lesson of how to pose for pictures..or some shit like that.

With both cats safely back in their backpack I was able to place Parley by the edge and take his picture. Don’t worry he wasn’t too close to the edge.

The whole time I was up there admiring the beautiful scenery I kept thinking…how many people jump off of here every year? Just run and cannon ball off the thing. Well, I googled it and I’m not alone in my questions. There is actually a book written, Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon by Michael P. Ghiglieri, that captures all of the deaths at the Grand Canyon since 1869. It includes falls, heatstroke and even suicides. See, I’m not the only morbid one…

The Grand Canyon was cool. I met a guy at the campground who said he and his wife went at sunset and watched as the sun went down on the canyon. That would have been amazing to see! Maybe next time!

The animals and I drove back to the campground. And on our way back I saw a big sign for a drive thru animal reserve…what?! And it was only half a mile away from our campground…what?!. This has always been on my bucket list! So I left the kitties in the trailer and Parley and I headed to the reserve! Bearizona here we come!! Parley loved it, and so did I! They had bears, wolves, deer, goats…all the animals you would see in the wild but you get to drive by them slowly. It was the highlight of my day…sorry grand canyon. But note to self…clean your windows BEFORE you go to a drive through reserve.

We drove down every road they had to offer at that place, we almost overstayed our welcome. It was so cool! I took lots and lots of video which I’m editing into a short video.

Side note: I’m working on a bunch of videos…it is taking me longer than I thought to get shit done on this side of things. Patience grasshopper, patience.

Back in camp I decided to try out the pool before we left, Parley watched me walk away, and was in the same place when I walked back. Little stalker.

This was a great place.

Yep, definitely better than the devils butthole…

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13 thoughts on “Grand Canyon, bad pictures and Bearizona…oh my

  1. Krista, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your journey. I often find myself scrolling quickly through my newsfeed to see if you’ve posted!! It appears you are truly living life to the fullest, and that is to be admired. Best wishes on more successful journeys.

  2. The sisters and I did a mad run through the national parks down that way including the south rim in April a couple of years ago. I was unimpressed wth the canyon but very impressed with the landscape and the colors. On the south side there was a little town we stayed motels and it had a gift shop restaurant complex with scrap metal horses like yours. We went to what had been a farm where they found dinosaur tracks and bones. Did a crazy run around with the GPS as we were right beside it but ended up driving around the town to get back there shortly before closing time. Went to Zion National park I think that was the one we went into the caves fascinating and cold. Used to do cub scout camping down there. Also a place north of Vegas were we hunted garnets want to go back and not try to do them all in 8 days. So glad you are finally getting this time to do it. Have a glass of wine for me on he’ll make that two at least. Giggle!! Oh and I got pulled over by the best looking cop who took one look at my license and said you’re from Anacortes My wife and I love Snacks tea. I offered him a sail if he got this way. So if you get pulled over drop my name and sail offer. LOL! NO I DID NOT GET A TICKET! SISTERS STILL LAUGHING!

  3. How cool! Great pictures!
    It has been many years since I was at Grand Canyon as a kid with my parents and sisters. I remember it being pretty cool and want to ho back! I wanted to drive there during the covid shutdown but they closed all the parks
    Love you K sis

  4. I think Sidney and Murrey sensed the depth of the immense Canyon and knew that even with 9 lives they would not have survived a tumble. They wanted nothing to do with it! THus, the shit show.

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