I finally made it to Oceanside!!

I met my son and his girlfriend in the parking lot below the Worldmark condo we all stayed at last year. I had to wait until 1:00 pm to check into my campsite so we hung out in the trailer until then.

Del Mar Campground is on the base in Pendleton and you need to have someone sponsor you to stay there, and you have to have military ID or someone with military ID get you through the main gate into the base.

So I followed my sons car right onto the base. I had to show my drivers license, but that was it!

My site was absolutely amazing! It was right on the beach…no really, right…on…the…beach!

The cats and the dog loved this site! There was a lot to look at, and we even had some wood for the cats to claw on! Plus both cats loved, and I mean loved, digging in the sand. Sydney dug some pretty deep holes in the sand, it was hilarious. Murray just dug deep enough to be able to pee in the hole.

Parley got to go for lots of walks around the campground, but unfortunately dogs weren’t allowed on the beach near the water.

I was even able to put my daisy that my friends grandson welded! Love it!

On day two at this campsite, early in the morning, I heard a rumbling down the road, and it kept getting louder and louder. Murray was so freaked out he ran under the covers and hid.

As I looked out the trailer kitchen window this is what I saw…

When does this ever happen! It was pretty cool! They ran those tanks past my campsite every morning and every night. It took a while for Murray to get used to the noise. By the end of the stay at this campsite he would only stay in the trailer…no covers for him. Sydney and Parley didn’t even notice the noise…they are oblivious.

I had made an appointment at a truck shop in Oceanside to have my a/c looked at…bad news. I needed a new compressor, the one I had was leaking really bad. sigh…there went some more money. On the brighter side, most of my truck engine is now brand new…and the a/c works sooooo good now!

It’s so amazing how much you depend on a/c and how cranky I would get if I over heated. Not good.

All the animals got into a rhythm here, since we were staying for four nights and five days they got pretty comfortable.

We had some pretty awesome neighbors at this site. On one side was a retired gentleman and his very cute dog, and the other side was two dads taking their grown sons on a camping and surfing trip.

The retired gentleman was on the hook up side of my trailer so I wasn’t able to talk to him much unless it was through the window or I saw him out taking his dog for a walk. Very nice guy. His wife and other dog were at home, she didn’t want to make this trip this time he said. He stayed longer than I did.

On the other side of me the guys trip fellas had two big tents that they shared. And they even invited me over for pancakes one morning, Parley got a pancake too! They ate very well over there. One night they made filet mignon with potatoes and corn on the cob. They knew I was a vegetarian so they gave me a plate for my son to eat after he got back to the campsite from surfing. I ate some potatoes and half the corn…it was yummy!

On my second to the last night there I went down to the beach at sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. My son and his friend were surfing so I was able to get some pictures. As I was watching the other surfers down the beach a ways I noticed a black fin poking out of the water…ummmmm. Nope, was an orca whale…not a shark as I first thought. Que the jaws sound track here. And nope, wasn’t fast enough to get it on film…dang.

I fixed some things on the trailer while I was in one spot for a few days. I didn’t have a toilet paper holder so I used string and a dowel. I have not gotten a patent on this design yet so steal away!!!

I also had to glue the trim around the window where I velcro’d the a/c port…of course the cats were outside in their cage while this dried.

The stay was too short for me, I could live here…right in this very spot…forever! Everyone is so nice, and it’s the safest place to be camping. Very safe!!

I checked out and headed towards the other campground on base…the cats rode with my son…sydney didn’t know that this wasn’t safe.

The animals then settled into the back seat of my son’ car for the 20 minute drive to the next spot…

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  1. The cats are killing me….they are like ah..no big deal…they are NOT normal cats for sure…lol. most would be freaking out…I laugh at every pic

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