I left Lone Pine heading south towards Oceanside. But I still had no a/c and I didn’t have reservations in Oceanside for another three days…two nights.

So I got a hold of an RV park in Oak Hills, but they had no vacancies. Probably because it was Friday, which I didn’t even know what day it was. I guess that’s what happens when you are a gypsy.

I asked the nice guy on the other end of the line if he knew of any place close that would possibly have a vacancy. He directed me to Oak Hills RV Park. When I called they told me they had no vacancies. I asked them if they knew of any other place. I told them I was a single female traveler who just needed a safe place to sleep and able to plug into electricity.

She told me that I could pull up next to the office and plug into the side of the building. Yeah!!! phew.

I pulled up by the office in about three and a half hours. I had the cats tied into the booster seat but Parley just had his leash next to him. I had both windows down and told them to stay…they didn’t.

As I came out of the office Parley was walking towards me dragging his leash behind him heading towards me. Sydney and Murray had also jumped out of the truck window with their leashes behind them, heading towards me. They listen so well! No fear in these animals.

I pulled up next to the office, placed my chocks and plugged in to shore power. I went inside the trailer and turned the a/c on full blast. Finally cool!

The freeway was one road away, so it was a little noisy, but I just kept the a/c blasting and I couldn’t hear a thing.

I was hungry and didn’t want to cook, so I went to google and found an awesome mexican restaurant that delivered using door dash. yeah! It was soooo good. A bean burrito and a side of rice…heaven. So I sat at the table, watched a movie and ate dinner. The cats were happy to be cool!

Woke up early and headed towards Riverside, California. I had made reservations for the first time using Boondockers Welcome. You are able to stay at people’s houses for no charge for one to five nights. Some hosts allowed you to plug into their power too!

Before I got to Riverside I stopped for some provisions. I stopped at Walmart…which I don’t typically shop at, but I’m on a budget with all the truck repairs. It was nice because they had a covered area I could park under. It was already getting hot.

I put the animals in the trailer, opened the windows and headed into the store.

As I came out of the store I saw the most interesting thing…a lot cop. It has cameras and it talks to you when you get close to it! It thanks you for shopping there and tells you how these cameras help protect you. It was kinda cool.

Once I made it to Riverside I drove to the boondocker welcome house and a very nice couple came out to greet me. They reminded me of my parents; the wife said hi, asked some questions, then went inside, the husband talked to me for about two hours asking questions and talking about his military experience. It was cool!

They hooked me up to electricity and I stayed in the trailer the rest of the night, except to take Parley and the kitties for a walk.

I had a simple dinner, but had to put the curtains up because Parley wanted to go into the house. He was misbehaving.

The next morning I woke up and wound up and placed the electrical cord of my boondocker welcome hosts next to the garage door, got my trailer ready to be towed, tied the animals all into the truck and off we went.

Oceanside here we come!

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9 thoughts on “Oak Hills and Riverside…still no a/c

  1. Love it! Your vegie plate looks delicious! I have family in Riverside. Darin and I have stayed there before. It was a really nice area. The downtown is super cool. You would love it! If you go back there let me know. I may be able to hook you up with a place to park and direct you to some cool places to eat.

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