August is my birthday month, and the year I was about to turn 40 I said to myself, “Have I really lived this long? Have I actually survived my crazy life? Have I really made it to 40 years old??”. The answer was yes…obviously, since that was 9 years ago.

So ever since that day 9 years ago I have celebrated my birthday month…and celebrate it in all different ways.

Over the years I have taken a stay-cation, went to Vegas, went to Mexico, went to Canada, went to Vegas…went to Vegas, over my birthday month!

This year my son is home on leave, and I’m taking it easy…since it isn’t my 50th yet. It’s not my life half way mark…yep, living until I’m 100.

Next August 30th I will turn the big five O’! I’m hoping that for next years birthday month I will begin my travel around the country!!

And I received some presents that I will be using for my travels!! Love!!

And my birthday month isn’t even over yet!

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