I have been given the opportunity to travel abroad…for the first time in my life!

I am excited beyond words!

I will fly into Dublin the first part of October and fly out 10 days later out of Dublin. So far that’s the only plan that is set in stone.

I will stay with locals in Milan and Greece and may do a pit stop in Amsterdam just to see the sights…like the Red Light District.

I would also love to spend a night in Dublin too. The cost to fly around to all these places is quite inexpensive! Flying into Dublin from Seattle…also so inexpensive!

I have been researching my path through Europe and keep getting more excited…and have a long list of things I want to see. But, I have to keep remembering that I will only be there for 10 days, and two of those days will be spent in the air flying to and from Dublin.

I will be heading to REI this week to look at traveling backpacks, since that’s the only thing I’ll be taking with me. No suitcases this trip! Another first.

Can’t wait…31 more days!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Dublin, Amsterdam, Milan, Greece…oh my!

  1. Oh, wow! We lived in England & Germany from 1983 – 1990 and traveled as much as money & time off would allow. You are going to have an amazing adventure! Spent a few weeks in Ireland. Loved Kenmare, a smaller village with fun & slightly crazy villagers. We went to a market in town & heard people speaking the strangest form of English I’ve ever heard! I knew it was English but only understood about every 10th word! From Kenmare we traveled all over Ireland. It really is that green and the most relaxed place we’ve ever been. I am envious!

  2. Yay so exciting wow wow wow I want to come Greece, And Ireland are my two biggest wanna stood you go girl br?ing lots of pictures to share invite me and I will bring the beer, tequila and pizza I might have to sta.y over though!! LOL

  3. You should take the challenge to only eat or shop at local places and avoid the safety of a starbucks. It is a great time to take chances (safe ones) and feel uncomfortable. Do like the locals!

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