Maybe this will also be added to the bucket list…a drink at the Boom Boom Room!

While thinking about what to write for tonight’s blog entry I remembered that at least eight years ago I had written a bucket list.  (Hopefully all of you know what a bucket list is.  If you don’t, google it’s definition or rent the movie.) I thought maybe it would help me with my tentative route from Skagit County.   So I searched thru my writing bin that is still housed under my bed and I actually found the handwritten bucket list, along with lots of other stuff that was pretty interesting to read…more on that in future blogs.

In reading my 18 things I wanted to do before I die, I kept thinking of way more things that I wanted to do.  That I could add about 200 more items to that list.  I even thought that I should have a before I leave the county bucket list, a United States bucket list and an Other Countries bucket list.

Then my squirrel brain thought, hey, I could even have a traveling list.  When I arrive into a new town, I would probably have more things I want to add to the list that I don’t even know that I want to add to the list.  Squirrel…shiny things.

Then I decided that would be too overwhelming to think about, and that I’ll just stick to the original list.  But I would like to at least add a few things to it.

Here is what my original list consisted of:

  1. Diving with sharks in New Zealand or South Africa
  2. Go to spy school in Vegas
  3. Take a pole dancing class
  4. Shoot a machine gun
  5. Race a car at a professional speedway
  6. Go to Oprah
  7. Go to New York
  8. Meet Keannu Reeves
  9. Write a book / finish book
  10. Be in a boxing match
  11. Go to Vegas and watch a professional boxing match
  12. Live on a ranch
  13. Run for political office
  14. Make a music video and star in it
  15. Ride along with a cop
  16. Meet Oscar de la Hoya
  17. Be a private investigator
  18. Meet the rock

And here are some of my add-ons:  putting my feet in the Atlantic Ocean, having a cigar at a cigar bar in New York City, kissing a man at the top of the Empire State Building, visiting the white house, having my picture taken with all 50 ‘now entering _________’ state signs, playing golf on a golf course that has alligators in the ponds and seeing wild horses run.

As part of my original plan I was going to leave and fly to England to stay with a friend of mine in his flat, but since it’s changed to travel the United States, I have to save my ‘over the pond’ bucket list for later.  And I have a feeling that once I do ‘jump the pond’, then everything and everywhere will all be on my bucket list.  I don’t think I can even imagine all the things I want to do in other countries.

Again, are you kidding me…insane all the things I want to do in other counties.  And yes, they would all be legal…I think.





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