IMG_4058Once people know about my 5 year plan, the number one question I get is…”What will you do for money?”.

When one of my co-workers asked me this very question, I told him my plan, work as I travel.  He asked me very blatantly if I was going to work truck stops…thinking he was funny, which, he is actually pretty funny.  I proceeded to tell him, ‘No, I don’t charge for that, I give that shit away for free’…I was pretty proud of this witty no filter comeback.

But with all seriousness, I feel that I can pretty much work anywhere, doing anything…except prostitution of course.

I would love to ‘land’ in a small town, find an inexpensive place to lay my head and then find a job where I can work for 6 hours or less a day, a couple of days a week and then…don’t be too shocked by this…are you ready?  Then leave my work…at work!  That would be new for me.   I’ve always been someone who has worked her way up from the bottom at every job that I have had.  Always taking on more and more responsibility.  And If writing is truly what I was meant to do, then I will be able to sell what I write.

There are a lot of people doing what I’ve been dreaming about doing.  I had a conversation with a dear friend this past weekend about how single women are traveling the world, alone.  And how the media has demonized this world.  Yes there are bad things that happen out there, yes there is pure evil in this world, but there is also the most beautiful, compassionate people too.  I truly believe there is a lot of good out there.  The media needs to report more of it, or maybe I will.  Maybe I will be part of the change.

Another question that I’ve been asked is, would I truly be satisfied by leaving my fun and crazy job that I actually love…my honest answer was answered with a question, with a gleam in my eye and a smile that was spread across my whole face,

“If you had the opportunity to travel the world, spending time on the beach, drinking in all of your new ever changing surroundings in, becoming one with nature, writing about your adventures, making your own schedule, meeting new and wonderful people, experiencing life as you never have before or could have ever imagined…would you?”

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