One question I have always been asked is, “How do you know how to do that?”

Let’s break this down because it isn’t as simple as people think.

My parents, brother, friends and extended family teach by example. It’s very rare that anyone has ever sat me down and taught me life lessons. As a child of the 70’s we learn by doing.

I learned early on that I should not race a semi truck on a busy road while on my brothers Schwinn bike…which resulted in the wind from the passing truck tipping me over off the bike and scratching the frame. My brother was pissed about that.

My brother and I learned not to sprinkle sand from the sand box on our apples and then eat them. Especially since after doing that we noticed all the neighborhood cats using that same sand box as a litter box.

Lessons learned…lessons learned.

Having someone do certain things for you is like getting someone to chew your food for you. It might be easier to swallow but it loses all it’s flavor…and you want the flavor!

Ze Frank

I have always had the attitude that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Over my life I have tried and I have failed, but I use each of those failures as a learning tool. In all of the jobs I’ve ever had I gave each employer more the 100%. I ate up all of the knowledge I could, I used my brain to figure things out on my own, and if I didn’t know how to do something, then I either researched it or asked someone who did know.

Questions, questions, questions…I always ask lots and lots of questions. I have found it does annoy some people, so I limit my questions to those people…you know who you are.

I’ve never been someone who relies on others to solve my problems or to figure things out for me. Maybe it’s control issues, maybe it’s how my brain is wired, maybe it’s me having a good work ethic like most of my family…taught by example.

Asking for help? I can do it my damn self. Just ask my parents. I’ve been this way my whole life.

But all of my life experiences probably does not make me an expert on remodeling a camping trailer…no way.

But I do have lots of people in my life I can ask questions about the remodel so I can learn. See, more questions. For instance, I’ve learned a lot about the electrical in the trailer from one of my roommates. Knowing what runs off ‘shore power’ and what runs off my battery for instance. Luckily the work hubby had labeled the lamps that work off of 12V and that work off of 110. And even as I write this I’m not 100% confident I’m saying that right.

Work hubby also told me that he can come over anytime to show me how everything works on the trailer since he owned it before I did. I may take him up on that soon!

Another tool I can use from my toolbox…YouTube!!!! I can hear the trumpets playing and sky opening up as I typed that…the amount of knowledge found there is amazing!

You have to be careful on YouTube though. I sometimes go down a rabbit hole. I start searching for any and all information about sealing the outside of a camping trailer, but somehow end up watching videos about amazing people who save dogs found on deserted islands. Lord knows how those videos end up on my search list when I was trying to found out how to caulk the seams on my trailer…never understand that.

There is also a lot of people who are doing what I want to do…living and traveling in a camping trailer…and a lot of those people make YouTube videos about it! Some are very helpful, some are…let’s say, interesting. I subscribe to some of those pages but I find myself unsubscribing if those channels get too cheesy. Watching these videos also helps me know what type of videos I will make once on the road. Hint: not cheesy ones.

Because of YouTube I have learned how to seal up my trailer and to ensure the roof is sealed well too. I’ve learned how to fix water damage inside the trailer. I’ve learned what fuels the appliances, I’ve learned that I want to remove the existing toilet and replace it with a compost toilet and I’ve learned that tires are where you should spend your money…I don’t want to learn how to change a trailer tire. I know how to change a car or truck tire, but the trailer tire would be a bigger job then I want to accomplish. Hmmm, maybe I will add AAA onto my insurance, then someone else can change that trailer tire!!

I keep a notebook by my bed where I write in all of the good ideas I learn on YouTube and the types of products people recommend. This helps me while writing out my strategic plan for the trailer remodel.

and yes, I am using my planning skills to prioritize the steps I need to take to complete the trailer…then I can actually start using it for weekend camping trips to work out the bugs before I move into the trailer full time!

I have already started tearing apart the kitchen counter. I will be cutting off the end of the counter so I can install a wall to close in the sleeping area. I’m so excited to be learning and even more excited that I am doing the work myself!

And Parley Wright has been a really good Home Depot shopper, not to mention being so supportive while watching me work…

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