When my son joined the Marine Corps a couple years ago I always said that I didn’t know where that came from because we aren’t a military family. But on reflection of Memorial Day this year I thought of all of my relatives who have been in the military…drafted.

Both of my grandpas were in the war; one worked on airplanes and the other was a translator for the U.S. side until he was slapped by a German Officer, then he went to work on tanks. They both survived the war physically, but were both damaged emotionally. Alcohol was their choice when numbing the pain. Both were awesome grandpas to their grandchildren, but maybe not as good at fatherhood.

My dads brother went to Vietnam, no pretty stories from him about the war either, he was on the front lines. He made it home from the war as well…alcohol and drugs were his numbing medicine. My dad was drafted for Vietnam too, but he has flat feet so they wouldn’t take him. I may not have been born if he did go. I often hear stories about other relatives who served; some as snipers in trees, some working in a field office, while others couldn’t talk about what they did…secret squirrel.

From L to R: grandpa Ed, grandpa Keith and my dad.

Notice the adult beverages on the table in the picture above?

Now I know that Memorial Day is meant for remembering those that died while in the armed services, and I’m sure I do have some relatives that perished in a war. But I have not had that happen to anyone close to me so far.

But it’s always in my thoughts for those of us who have loved ones currently in the military…and as a mom of a marine, I’m going to keep my thoughts very positive!

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