I woke up in Hawthorne Nevada at Whiskey Flats RV Park. Thank god I was going to be here for two nights. After the marathon driving I had done the day before, having some down time to regroup was much needed.

When I woke up I got dressed and went outside to finish hooking up the trailer. Water and sewer were also available to me! I talked with the woman who was camping next door to me, she was very sweet!

I then took all the animals to a space just on the other side of the campground where they could be on their leashes. Camp rules are that animals couldn’t be on the grass, they had to be taken out into the desert.

And even tho we had grass just outside the camper…nope, no pets on the grass. Oh well. The animals loved the area I took them too. It had trees and a picnic table. Perfect!

The cats are so used to getting in and out of their backpack that sometimes they just hop in when we are outside because they are ready to go back to the trailer…nap time galore!

Then I made breakfast using ingredients I bought at the farm I had stayed at a few days ago. YUMMY! See, I can cook!

I had to buy some items for the trailer, like a sewer hose extension so I googled to see where the closest hardware store was. I was in luck, there was an ace hardware in town! I unhooked the truck from the trailer and Parley and I ran into town as the kitties napped.

Hawthorne is a small little town, it does have a lake nearby that a friend of mine asked if I was going to. When I asked my RV neighbors about it, I was told that someone let about 80 dangerous spiders go at that same lake a few days ago. Ummm…no thanks on going to the lake, I’ll pass.

There was an airport across the street from the RV place that had some cool planes. I couldn’t get too close for a picture, but this should show you one of the cool choppers that was there.

On my last morning at the RV place I decided to take a much needed shower…finally. So I went into the bathrooms and saw that they didn’t need quarters to operate! The shower felt awesome, and I went back to my trailer to finish putting things away and to rehook the trailer to my truck.

Well, one thing I should have done before showering was flushing and unhooking the hose to my sewer tank…duh Krista. So needless to say I used gloves and had to clean my feet a little…splatter. gross.

Looks like the port to my black tank is now leaking…sigh, another thing to fix at the next spot.

But in my time here I did fix my a/c exhaust so that all I have to do is open the window and vent away!! I even put the insulation tape on both sides of it! Proud of myself. Even tho I am missing my dads help, and his shop!

As I was getting ready to leave I met the other women who was parked beside me. They were friends traveling around in a huge ass motorhome that was the size of a single wide trailer! They were pretty bad ass!

They asked where I was headed and they gave me some good advice on which way to go since they came up a horrible pass and thought I should avoid it. Thank you ladies!!

One thing that I notice every place I go is that my trailer is different…very different. It’s like that song on Sesame Street, “One of these things is not like the other…”

Now off to Lone Pine, California!

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