As I set off to Lone Pine California to the Boulder Creek Campground I traveled around this huge cool looking lake. It is called Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve (At least that’s what it says on my phone the location of the picture was taken. Please forgive me for not knowing all the facts, I won’t lie, but I also don’t know where I am or looking at half the time)

I know nothing about it, but it looked cool. And I also liked the sign that I parked under.

After about a four hour drive, again with no a/c, we finally made it to the campground. Phew, we were here…so I thought.

I followed google maps to what I thought was the campground I reserved a spot at. But when I arrived it was a self serve campground, which I thought was odd, but I was hot and tired so I took the payment envelope found at the front of the campground, picked a site, put my chocks on the tires, hooked up my water and sewer. The guy camping a few spots over with a large barking dog and lots of kids running around his site walked over and introduced himself as Patrick. He asked how old my trailer was and that if I needed anything to let him know. I thanked him and kept working on getting my trailer setup.

I looked at the power inlet and the jack ass next to me had used an adapter so it hung over both plugs, and where I was supposed to plug in. Not good. So I went over and knocked on his trailer door…no answer. Knocked again, no answer or movement. So I went back to the electrical box, unplugged his plug and moved it down to the bottom plug and then plugged my power cord into my assigned plug. (that was a lot of plugs in one sentence) Problem solved…and I’m still alive, no one shot me for doing that.

It was really hot, over 90 degrees, so I went into the trailer to get the a/c unit up and running. Finally, some cold air. As I stood in front of the blowing a/c unit I looked at the envelope for the payment and noticed that it did not say Boulder Creek Campground…shit.

So yep, I was at the wrong damn campground. The campground I had made reservations at was across the highway. crap.

So I quickly unhooked everything, took the wheel chocks off the tires and drove out of there…fast. Sorry Patrick!

I rolled into the campground that I was supposed to be in and damn, it was so much nicer than the other one was!

I asked if I could book it for two nights, just so I could relax a little longer. Luckily they had an extra night for me!

As I made my way to my campsite an older couple smiled as they saw my trailer rolling past, they waved at me and looked like they had some good memories of an older trailer like mine. I smiled and waved back.

The campsite was nice, a little uneven, but not too bad. I setup the trailer, hooked everything up, including the a/c and then decided to look around at what they had as far as laundromat, showers, etc.

The laundry mat was good! I used it to do a load of wash…quarters were useful there! (thanks mom for the jar of quarters!)

The pool looked really good too…but it was a little cold. I should have gone swimming, but I didn’t.

The best thing that Parley loved was the dog park! He absolutely loved it! He ran around like a banshee! I just wished they had a cat park…maybe in the future!

The cats on the other hand loved the campsite too! I tied them up outside and they watched all the birds and little squirrels come over and investigate us. It was pretty cool!

The guy that was camping in his fifth wheel next to us heard Parley bark but when he turned around Murray was sitting on the picnic table staring at him. He told me that he thought the cat knew how to bark!

His fifth wheel needed some work so his friend from a few campsite down came over to check it out. His friend was amazed that I had cats on leashes, and they actually stayed in the site. My neighbor then told the story of the barking cat…they both chuckled. As did I listening to them from my trailer.

I cooked some vegetarian chili (thanks lisa marie), and spaghetti over the two days. It was good! I hadn’t eaten much over the last few days, so my tummy was happy to get some food in it!

Sydney and Murray were in sync at this campground and loved it! Silly cats.

I had an amazingly relaxing two nights and three days at the Boulder Creek Campground in Lone Pine, it’s a great little campground.

Next stop…

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6 thoughts on “Oops, wrong campground

  1. Yummy looking chilli and spaghetti! Wish I could help 4eat it! LOL
    Glad you found the right spot.
    The kids look very happy to be on the ground.
    Love you! Hugs

  2. You need your navigator …ME. I only get us lost a few times im our travels….I am dying reading your stuff cant wait for vacation time.

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