I’m almost through my latest move. Just a few things left to do at the old house. And then mountains of organizing and more purging to do at the new house.

As I type this in my new 12 x 12 bedroom I am looking at baskets and piles of clothes. I believe I have too many clothes. Most I don’t even wear.

I have two more rooms in the house that look a little similar, the TV room and the garage. I have my own TV room because I have the smaller bedroom, and since there are three garages in this house, I get one of them. But organization and purging need to happen in each of those spaces as well.

I moved almost everything I owned this move. I of course had some help from my roommates with my couch that I couldn’t move alone, but about 99% was all me. My trainer will be happy with all the “exercise” I’ve gotten in the last week, but my 48 almost 49 year old body is screaming at me.

At a couple points over this last week I just wanted to get rid of everything I was moving and start over…I seriously thought about it.

I did decide to get rid of half of everything I own and I’ve almost hit that goal. I’m selling quite a few of my larger things I own and have taken multiple bags to good will. Tomorrow afternoon my roommate and I will be taking another truckload of items to goodwill! It will feel so good to purge!

I need to start being ruthless with all that I own. I have a year to get downsized! When I leave town all that I want to store at my parents house is one bin of childhood stuff and the frame to my wrought iron bed I’ve had since I was born. That’s it.

And not just my belongings need to be downsized, but my whole life needs to be downsized. I belong to a lot of various volunteer groups, I need to start to downsize there. I have a lot of activities that I do throughout the year, need to downsize there too.

Recently I have felt like I need to catch up on things but feeling that I don’t have the time. I need to make time now. I also will be writing up a strategic plan towards my goals. This will help me keep on task…and it is something I do for clients of my business, so this will be fun!

Some of the tasks that will be added to my plan will be the following: My pictures and documents need to be scanned in and then discarded or given away, I have to stop buying unnecessary things (even though I’m actually pretty good about that but haven’t gone cold turkey with it), money needs to be saved and most importantly…trip planning will need to commence!! The fun part!

For all of you out there that want to downsize I suggest watching the show Hoarders…it will help you get rid of things!!! Great motivation!

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