I have been making small baby steps on the trailer, but mostly I’ve been getting ready to move!!! Going through all of my things and I have a goal of getting rid of half of my things!

Let’s talk trailer first…here is the first cushion completed by my mom for the dinette in the camper. Thank you mom!!! Only three more to go!!

I still have more painting to do but before I can finish that I will need to load all the trailer stuff into the trailer and take it to my parents house.

More progress will be made once it’s there!

Now onto moving! One of my roomies went and picked up the keys to the new house. We can start to move in anytime!

We will rent a U-Haul to take the big things over, then it’s packing what I want and leaving what I don’t so I can sell some and the rest goes to goodwill!

Another purge will be good for me! Not much room in the camper when we start to travel!!

Wish me luck!

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