See, glass half full...well, maybe more than half
See, glass half full…well, maybe more than half. And my grandpa would probably hate that shirt, but I love it!

Krista…your always happy.  Ummm, not really, no one is always happy.  It may seem that I always have a smile on my face.  But it doesn’t mean I’m always happy.  I do however make sure all of my glasses are at least half full, yes, ALL of my glasses.

Krista…you have such an easy life, things seem to come so easy for you.  Really?  Because I always seem to be fighting, swimming upstream, and I get a lot of shit for being me.  Plus I’ve always worked my ass off.  Despite popular belief, hard work does pay off sometimes.

Krista…good things always happen to you.  Yes, I will agree that there are good things in my life, positive thinking really helps to bring positive things into your life.  But bad things do happen to me, quite often actually.  But I just keep being positive, and that’s how I get thru it all.

I believe that life is a bunch of lessons and I think that no matter what you go through, or what happens to you, that if you keep a positive attitude and you deal with your feelings in a healthy way things may go just a little bit smoother for you.

One of my favorite quotes that pisses off a lot of people is, ‘everything happens for a reason’.  There are things in my life that I look at and think why the hell did that happen, why the hell did I go through that.  Sometimes I don’t see why it occurred but then something happens and I say, hey wait a minute, hold the phone, now I know why that happened.  And there are other times where horrible things happen, and it’s very difficult to figure out why.

From my father’s side of the family, who are from a small hick town, I learned to be tough, to stick up for myself and defend others who need my help.  I’m also able to hang out at biker bars and fit right in.  From my mom’s side of the family I have learned to be empathetic, compassionate, to love children and to be a strong woman.

My grandpa on my dad’s side wanted his first grandchild to be a boy, but instead he got a little blonde girl who was mouthy and fiercely independent.  He would talk horribly about women in front of me which was very confusing for a little girl.  I knew he loved me more than anything so his comments made no sense to me.  I would say, ‘but grandpa, I’m a girl’.  He would look at me and say, ‘no you are my granddaughter and you will not be one of those stupid girls’.  Maybe his voice in my head is why I have the tough skin I need to work in the male dominated field that I do.

See, everything happens for a reason.

When we were kids my brother would tell me that he thought my life was so easy.  It appeared to him that I was always having a great time, always happy.  He thought I always did what I wanted and didn’t care what other people thought.  Now that we are grown, my brother sees how life really was for me and he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

I don’t think anyone has had a life that was untouched by trauma.  Or a life where nothing bad ever happens.  I just don’t think that exists.  Don’t get me wrong, I know my life is not horrible.  I know that everyone has things in their lives that they wish didn’t happen or that they could change.  But the way I see it, if bad things didn’t happen in my life or I didn’t experience those things, then I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Again, everything happens for a reason.

I also contribute some of the good in my life to my sunny personality and my positive attitude.  I think that people should always be positive, always see the best in people.  For some reason us horrible humans don’t always live that way.  I like to think of myself as a non judgmental, compassionate person.  My son sometimes tells me that I am judgmental with some of the comments that come out of my mouth.  I really don’t mean to be judgmental but maybe I need to watch what I say.

It also seems that people are more likely to do nice things for you, be attracted to that good energy when your positive.  If someone is in a bad mood all the time why would you want to get some of that toxicity on you. Have you ever been around somebody who was in a horrible mood and when you start to commiserate with that person you start to feel angry and sad too?  Why would you do that to yourself?

Instead why don’t you lift those people up, tell them the things you like about them, what’s positive in their life and how much you love them.  How much you want them in your life and hope that they won’t leave this earth before their time.  Or when a stranger is a total bitch to you, why don’t you smile at them and tell them that you hope they have a nice day.  Be sincere about it, not a smart ass, and see how that changes that person’s day.  It works the reverse too.  When you’re in a bad mood, compliment someone, trust me, it makes you feel better when you lift someone up.

All of my experiences in life continue to prepare me for my five-year plan; for my traveling adventure.  It’s a scary thing for some people to imagine, leaving everything they know for the unknown.  For me, it excites me.  Because of my experiences in life, the good and the bad, it’s made me into an adventurous, confident and independent women.  Without those experiences, there would be no five-year plan.

So you see, maybe I’m right and everything in my life does happen for a reason; the good, the bad and the fugly…yes fugly, oops, maybe that was what my son meant by me being judgmental.

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