cropped-IMG_3356-e1454133670330.jpgI usually don’t put my two cents in about politics…but I just can’t ignore what’s going on right now in this great country of ours.

Let’s start by talking about the media.  I deliberately don’t have cable because I can’t stand watching the news.  I don’t like programs where 95% of what they talk about pertains to something horrible going on in the world.  And half the information put out in the media is untrue.

My cousin and her husband work for one of the big newspapers.  They are amazingly good people.  They do great pieces on what’s really going on out in the world.  Awareness pieces on life in America and beyond.   I’m not hating on that type of media at all.  It’s because of people like them that I know there is some truth out there in media land.

I also don’t think that those that work for the other types of media are all bad, of course not.  They are just doing their jobs.  They are giving their viewers what they want.  It’s just like the tabloid magazines.  Why would I care whose Hollywood marriages are in trouble?  Or who is fighting with who, or who got fat.  I truly don’t give a shit. I’m working my ass off at my job, taking care of my child, volunteering for many agencies and doing good things within my own power to make a positive difference in this world.  And maybe if everyone tried that we wouldn’t be going down this path of hate we are going down now.  What do I do about those magazines…nothing.  I don’t buy them.  I’m using my consumer power to not support something I don’t want my money to go to.  If no one bought them, those magazines wouldn’t exist but do I beat up or shame others for buying those magazines?  Nope.

Now on to the presidential race.  Interesting they call it a race but isn’t that what it always boils down to?  Race…..well, that and gender.  This country voted and elected our first black president many years ago.  The N word has even been thrown around some.  People were saying he wasn’t black enough, or his name wasn’t right and then there was the birth certificate issues.  Really?  Don’t we have more to talk about then that?  There are so many bigger issues that we need to figure out then those things.  Media would not let it go.  Instead of being respectful to a president, that over half this country voted in, and supporting him with his many programs that he wants to implement we only hear about all the fighting with congress and/or the senate. And now Hillary Clinton is running for president.  The woman jokes are going around.  And she’s being called a bitch daily.

So this is what has been fought for in this country?  The rights fought for and died for in our not so recent past all comes down to what color your skin is and what body parts you have?  Seriously??  Why not what people stand for, what they are going to do to make this country better than it was yesterday, to stop all of this greed that is happening in this country, to teach our children a good work ethic, to promote volunteerism, to figure out health care in this country, to boost the economy for all of us not just the 1% and to maybe, just maybe, plan for the future generations…nah, that’s all just asking too much.  Right??  But why can’t we have those things in a candidate?  Why don’t we all just demand that?

We all sit around and bitch about what we don’t like, and we bitch on facebook about different candidates (I’m guilty of it too) but for some reason we think that this is something we can’t change.  ummmm, how many people are there in this country?  Minorities and women have fought so hard for us to have the same rights as white men.  We were making progress, slowly but surely starting to move towards equality…then bam.  It all went to hell in a handbasket.

Enter Donald Trump…

I’ve tried to ignore what he says and what he does.  Even when his face was on the cover of my ‘hate groups and terrorist’ magazine I get at work, I tried to ignore even that.  I’ve even tried to not let the little snippets of clips about him that I have watch bother me.  But this morning while thumbing thru facebook I watched a video that scared the shit out of me.

He is insighting anger and violence onto anyone who is not white.  He is belittling women. He is giving power to all of those hate groups out there who think that we should all be white and to send everyone else home.  Seriously?  White people originated here?  hmm, I bet my Native American friends have something to say about that.  I’m truly outraged and pissed off.  And that takes a lot for me.  I feel for all of those protesters at those rally’s.  It’s a losing game tho.  Those supporters are following someone blindly and not really hearing what his message is.

I actually have a solution.  Only give him the attention he deserves.  Stop posting things about him on social media, stop going to his rally’s and causing more media to focus on him, stop watching and buying any source of media he is shown on.  I bet if only half the country did that it would make a huge impact.   It’s up to you how you want to take action, but for me, I’m going to take the passive approach.  I’m going to use my hard earned money to help buy the election for anyone BUT Trump.  I’m not going to give him power anymore.

When I start my travels I want to see this country prospering, I want to be able to go to all ends of this country and not be judged by the color of my skin or my gender.   I want to celebrate our differences, to show compassion to other fellow human beings because we are all on the same planet.  We better get our shit together people if not for ourselves but for our children and our grandchildren.


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