Me at search and rescue training…notice the rats nest in my hair? Yep, that’s why my biker name is RatsNest!

A wise man once told me, ‘you have heart girl!’

He told me this after I agreed to an overnight camping trip with he and other Search and Rescue members one weekend.  We were going to go about an hour drive out of our county, out into the woods, and down some trail to a campground with a lake.  I was in ok shape then, well, better shape than I am in now.  And the sell was that it was an easy hike, but with some switchbacks that went uphill on the way to a lake with good fishing.   Well, one, I’m a vegetarian (yes, one of those, but before it was cool) and some switchbacks? My ass!  There were ‘one million’ (can you hear the guy from Austin Powers here?) switchbacks.   As we were all hiking up those switchbacks, the thing I kept hearing was, “just a few more switchbacks, then we’re to the lake, just a few more.”  Needless to say, a million switchbacks uphill was what we did, and dammit, no one can ever convince me it was less!!!

We finally made it to the lake, we all setup our tents, and the one hammock, we lit a fire, took our shoes off and put flip flops  on (ok that was just me), we all sat down to eat, (one of us boiling his water a little slower then the rest of us) and that is when I heard the words, “Girl, you may not have hiked that very fast, but you do have heart!”

It made me realize that I’ve always been a fighter, always been someone who questions everything, including authority.   Sometimes I think that I’m always swimming upstream (or switchbacks…same thing) and not sure where I truly fit in this world.

It also made me realize that I am constantly surrounded by people who have way more heart then me.  They get up everyday and go out there and do their best no matter what they have going on in their life.  They volunteer, they serve the public, they bust their ass everyday for what is right without any recognition.  They get knocked down, but they get right back up, with a smile on their face and love in their hearts and they keep going.

I believe that if you have heart and determination, you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.  It may take some time, but it will eventually come to fruition.

Well, you know what….For those with heart…I salute you!!


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3 thoughts on “For those people with ‘heart’….I salute you

  1. Back at you girl, what is it that you do. All you do you do with all your heart. Love you.

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