I need a wife, and I don’t mean in the biblical sense either. I am so damn busy that I need to have someone who can clean my house, pay my bills, cook my meals, take my car in to get its oil changed and tires rotated, make my appointments for me, clean out the litter boxes, do laundry, buy groceries, fuel my car, put my towel holder back up in my bathroom, fill out medical insurance crap (I mean forms), give my cats their flea medicine…is there anything I forgot? oh yeah, clean my car inside and out.

I’m sure I could hire someone to clean my house, hire someone to be my assistant, and get a man who wants to take care of me and my car, but I don’t have that much money and finding a good man in this valley is proving to be difficult.

I did clean off my desk today, as you see in the picture, so I can write.  Writing in my bed with a load of clean laundry and three cats next to me isn’t the most conducive method for good writing.  I’ll stick with the table, beer, and my cat Ted nearby from now on.

All this talk about cleaning makes me think about all my stuff I’ve been having to clean around.  Very soon I will be starting to go thru and get rid of a lot of my things so that when I’m ready to go…I’m ready to go.  That will probably cut down on some of my cleaning.

My son will be moving out this summer before he starts college in the fall.  He thinks that he will leave things here for now…umm, sorry kiddo, all your stuff needs to go!  Mamma is getting some roommates.  I can’t live in this McMansion all by my lonesome.  I will probably wait until September or October to get roommates.  I want to live alone for a bit and see how things go.  I will miss my son when he’s living on his own, but he will only be about 15 minutes away, so it won’t be like I can’t see him whenever I want.  After he leaves I will probably go back to having nothing in my fridge but beer, wine and carrots.  and nothing in my freezer but soy sausage and vodka.  ahhhh, the good ol’ days.

Since I’m looking at staying around here for another year I’ve been thinking really hard about buying a new vehicle.  I keep going round and round about the durang’.  I could just drive it until it dies, then look at what I should buy, or I could trade it in on something pretty…I mean practical for travel.  Then someone gave me the idea of a trailer that I could tow behind my vehicle where I could live and take some of my stuff (my old metal writing table would be something I would want to take).  I need to seriously think about all of these options.  I love all this planning…just love it.

If I go the trailer route I can always paint my blog name (www.Travelintoxication.com) on the side of it…with a martini glass next to it!   Which reminds me of an idea I had a few years ago.  When I was staying in a bo-dunk area for work I wanted to find a bar that I could shake my tail feather in, that had hard liquor and wasn’t a scary place for a 5′ nothing female to be in all alone.   I went to the front desk and asked for a place with my specifics.  The very pregnant, very young girl at the desk told me that she just turned 21 a few months back and didn’t know where any bar was.  dang.   Needless to say I didn’t go anywhere that night.  I stayed in my room and watched TV…boring.

The idea that I had after that experience was to have a website where I talked about bars…where they were, what they served, if they served food, if they had bands, if you should stay the hell away from them, things like that.  Even post some pictures of me there…partaking with the locals.  I may resurrect that idea while I’m on my travels throughout the country.  I’ve added it to my travel notebook that I have started, along with places I want to visit, and random late night ideas that I had.

I have also purchased some books that I can use when I travel.  Road Trip USA, the Next Exit, Off the Beaten Path, and the most important book…the 2016 Rand McNally Road Atlas!  (and no, not one of these books paid me to write about them, yet)

Road Trip USA is a book showing two-lane highway stops throughout the whole United States.  This is a 954 page book!  It will be a great reference when I’m at a fork in the road…on a two-lane highway.

The Next Exit is a 501 page book showing every exit off an Interstate Highway, along with what’s there.  No more guessing if there’s a gas station, restaurant or hotel at the exit.  And yes, if something is wrong in here…people will hear about it.

Off the Beaten Path is a Readers digest 383 page hard cover book with “more than 1,000 scenic and interesting places still uncrowded and inviting”.  There are some very awesome photos in this book, and some pretty cool places that I have never known they existed.

And then, the vital piece of my collection, the Road Atlas.  That’s so I know where the hell I am, and where the hell I’m going.  I’m going to travel old school…with a map.

Now I just need to start putting together my mixed tapes for the trip…gotta have theme music!

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