One thing that caught me off guard on my recent trip abroad was seeing all the graffiti, and unlike in my town, no one is required to paint over it within twenty four hours. It’s artwork…well some of it is anyway.

There is some that say that the graffiti in Europe is ruining the beauty of each city. That there is a big difference between street art and just plain vandalism. Most of the graffiti I didn’t understand, so if anyone can translate, let me know.

The below pictures are of graffiti I documented in Athens, Greece. Some of it looks like everyday graffiti in the states, but a lot of it made some pretty awesome pictures!

Even driving out of the city on our way to go swimming I documented more graffiti. Even in the tunnel on the way to the beach!

I’m sure I would have been able to find some when I visited Germany…but I was only on a six hour layover there. Plus, I was more interested in the beer…and possibly seeing some relatives!

Here is more I found in Milan…among the very expensive shops. Some were political…some was art and some was just plain graffiti.

Then in Venice, Italy…yep, Venice, Italy, I found even more. I have some questions about Venice graffiti though. How are people spray painting in the most beautiful city of the world? and why???

And at the end of this amazing trip I found myself in Dublin, still documenting graffiti.

Now I didn’t write this article to insinuate that this was a bad thing to see in all of these countries. In fact, I was actually admiring a lot of this street art. I guess I was just shocked by it. Shocked that problems we even have in my small home town are also occurring in other countries.

I also realized that even though it is graffiti, I got to take some pretty awesome pictures documenting it!

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