On my recent trip abroad I was interested in seeing all of the street animals in other countries that I kept seeing online…yes, I was curious.

Ok, so I am very guilty of binge watching all the saving street animal videos. Very guilty of it! I also only watch ones that have a good ending.

I have watched, witnessed and heard stories of some pretty bad stuff people have done abusing animals…let’s just say that those are things that stick with you in your brain. I’ve even been involved in assisting with the logistics of lots of animals seized in a puppy mill ring, which was an amazing thing to see our county come together and save as many animals as they could. Don’t get me started on what I think should happen to those who choose to hurt animals…any animal.

So, back to the story…I was very curious about the street animals.

And I’m not talking about my late kitties who were born under a house with parents that were street kitties…

Or this guy who was previously a street dog…in Arizona.

Parley Wright

And yes, any chance to share pictures of my past and current animals I take it! No apologies…none.

In some circles I’m known as the crazy cat lady. Right now, today, as I type this blog post, is the only time since I’ve been born…born…that I have not owned a kitty cat. Yep, true…ask my mom!

So, again, I was a little apprehensive heading to a country that I knew had street cats. But boy was I happy when I saw all of those kitty cats…owning that city!

All of the cats I saw on the street were very healthy. And they were so friendly and cute…loved them. Most businesses and apartment building had food and water out for the cats.

Most of the restaurants throughout Athens welcomed cats. The street cafe’s allowed the cats to roam free and make themselves at home.

And they didn’t really like the dogs passing on the street either!

We ate at a seafood restaurant and the cats seemed to live there. After feeding one of the kittens some of the fish that was ordered for the table, I caught a picture of him taking a nap on one of the chairs at a vacant table…so cute.

The couple that I was staying with had rescued two adorable little dogs from the street. They were very spoiled in their new home!

Now, street cats were pretty friendly, but I was told not to pet the street dogs because they could be unpredictable at times. After dinner on our last night in Athens we saw some street dogs. They looked very sweet, and they seemed happy to see us, but I was told by the locals to ignore them as they can sometimes become a little annoyed if you don’t have food to give them.

All in all though the street animals of Athens seemed to be very well taken care of by the residents, and some of them even get adopted!

I know that I would definitely be an ultra crazy cat lady if I lived in Athens…no question! Seeing cats all over town, laying on the top of cars and lounging in restaurants made me smile…you have to love that!

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