January 2021

As I headed to my goal of New Orleans I had to stop in Florida. In the panhandle of Florida. And you all know my feelings about Florida. But it was on my path to Mardi Gras.

I found an awesome campground in Marianna, Florida called Alliance Hill RV Resort…a 50 and over RV resort. Wooohooooo I was 50!! Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love kids, but ‘adult’ RV parks are on a whole other level. Plus these types of places cater to fur babies, and I have 3 of them wanting out of the trailer!

I pulled up to a closed gate and was met by Stacie, who was the awesome gal who ran the RV resort!

She flagged me in and showed me where my site was. This place was so clean, and so awesome! I was a very happy camper…no pun intended.

Once I setup the trailer, I decided to go explore. There was a club house down the road from me, a swimming pool and a short walk to the dog park! I also grabbed my bathroom stuff so I could take a much-needed shower!

I also asked Stacie if the cats were welcome at the dog park. She said of course! woohooo! I put the cats in their back pack, put Parley on his leash and we walked down to the fully fenced dog park! They were all beyond happy! We stayed over an hour at the dog park. Murray and Sydney even ran around like crazy cats! Glad they were able to get that energy out!

The cats would sit at the door every time I put on their halters telling me ‘Let’s go to the dog park’!!!

The sunset at this place is unbelievable!

As I was checking out, I asked Stacie what the cost of a full month would be. And she told me I should reserve my time now, so I did! I would be back after Mardi Gras and stay for two and half months…woohooo!

As I drove off, I thought to myself, “hmmm…maybe I don’t hate Florida after all.”

On to Alabama! I reserved four nights at the Gulf Shores / Pensacola West KOA. We even stopped to get groceries…and beer.

We finally arrived at the campground! And as we were led to our campsite, I noticed we were going in between two trees. So weird…most campgrounds seem to squish me into the weirdest places.

This place had a dog park right across the road from our site. Parley was more than happy! They had two fenced in areas right next to each other so multiple dogs could play all at once. The red fire hydrants in the dog parks always makes me chuckle. And there was a large hole already dug under the picnic bench, but Parley joined in to make the hole bigger.

The cats were mad because they couldn’t go to the dog park…too many dogs there. But I did see some of the campers had cats who they just let run around. Since Sydney’s short disappearance in California, I am very cautious about her and Murray just running around free.

The weather was so nice! Blue sky and not too cold. Parley and I decided to take a walk down to the water. It was an interesting walk down there. The caution sign cracks me up more than it should!

Parley and I made it down to the water. It was an amazing view, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! A guy was at the water’s edge with his dog off leash…made me wish Parley could do that without running off!

We barely made it back up the hill (joking), but the hill was quite a walk. On our way back through the campground we noticed quite a few motorhomes with dogs looking out the windows and barking at us. I was able to get this picture before their owners yelled at them to get back. You can sort of see two big dogs freaking out!

It was finally time to leave, and as I was about to pack up everything so we could head out of there, I noticed a daisy growing in the roots of one of the trees we were parked between. It was a cool thing to see. May have been a sign!? Ok, ok, it was probably a sign that it wasn’t a daisy…but in my defense it sort of looked like one. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As we headed out of Alabama, into Mississippi and then into Louisiana it felt like we drove only a short distance, but in one day we had been in three states…crazy talk!

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5 thoughts on “Happy about being 50?

  1. On the road again I see. Thought you were going to sell the trailer? I’m glad to see you at it again!

    1. Nah, I’m just catching up the blog! I am about a year behind. ☺️ I am selling the trailer and will start looking for a motorhome when I sell it! Just trying to catch this up so I can start writing about my present life ❤️❤️

  2. On the road again I see. Thought you were going to sell the trailer? I’m glad to see you at it again!

  3. Love your adventures! I’d like to hear a little more about costs. For example, just how much was it to stay at that campground for a month and half?

    1. Ok! I will start adding some costs on the blogs. Great idea! 🙂 And for the campground in marianna florida it was $750 a month. That includes everything, full hookups, and full access to the clubhouse and the pool. But my prices are always the lowest because I have such a little trailer. I don’t use that much electricity and I don’t need a big site.

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