January 2021

It was time to say goodbye to Mike and Karen and start heading West. I wanted to attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans in February!

I left Claxton Georgia and drove to Reed Bingham State Park. I was only able to get a couple of nights there. Most of the state parks in the country have been booked for years…but every once in a while, I was able to get some weeknights booked!

Parley, Murray and Sydney seemed happy to hit the road again!

I even had time to pick up one of my favorite road trip foods…convenience store egg salad sandwich!! YUMMMM.

I passed through many small towns with lots of buildings made of brick. They sure use a lot of brick in Georgia! It’s so cool!

I finally made it to the campground. I had reserved a back in site and it was near the bathroom. I was getting really good at backing the trailer up. I backed it up in one shot…yeah me!

As soon as I setup camp I decided to take all the pets for walks through the gorgeous Georgia trees! I know I have said it before, but I cannot get enough of these trees!!!

There was a miniature golf course across the road from my campsite. I walked Sydney over there and met the coolest mom and daughter! The mom bought an RV so that she could take her kids out to explore the world. They lived in Florida, but took weekend, week and month trips. So awesome!! Love the people I meet on the road! They all have such awesome stories.

Once back at my campsite I decided to have a campfire and drink some beer. I even made a video about it…love my crazy hair!

Then the next day all hell broke loose! Wind, rain and even a tornado warning!! The park ranger came out to every campsite to let them know what to do in case the tornado sirens came on. During my emergency management career, I did not have to deal with tornados. Not these types of tornados anyway!

I was just happy that the ‘safe’ place was in the restrooms. They were within running distance! I prepared the cat and dog supplies, and my supplies so I could just grab and go! Sydney was mad since she wasn’t able to go for her walk that day.

We all slept with one eye and one ear open in case we needed to escape the trailer…but alas that did not happen (thank god).

In the morning the rain and the wind had stopped and it was time to hit the road again. Tornado zero, Krista one. Phew…

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