In January of this year I unfortunately had to put my 11 year old kitty cat, Spikey down due to cancer. He had lost over half his body weight in less then six months.


I had rescued him and his two sisters, Ted and Bouncy over ten years ago. A stray cat had given birth to three kittens under my parents house, and when her kittens got old enough for real food, she got killed by a car. My parents saw her dead on the side of the road, and then heard meow’s from under their house and called me immediately.

My brothers son was staying the weekend with us that weekend, so I loaded he and my son into the car and headed to my parents with a dog crate. My mom wanted me to take the kittens, and find them a good home. Well, I did find them a good home…mine.

Bouncy only lived with us for a few years, then she disappeared down the road to the neighbors house. She was the type of kitty who wanted to be the only pet. That wouldn’t really happen at that time in my home, she didn’t even really like her brother and sister let alone the dogs.

Ted on the other hand is still with me, and will be going traveling with me when the time comes. I’ve already told her that was in her future. She seemed not to care. I love Ted very much. She is not like her brother Spikey was though. She will sleep next to me some nights, but not under the covers. She only lets me pet her for a short time, and won’t sit on my lap for long. But she is a cat after all, and that’s how most of them are.


Spikey on the other hand thought he was a person. He would sleep next to me, under the covers with his head on the pillow. He was a very talkative cat, very talkative. He had different meows and howls for every occasion. He even taught himself to pee in the toilet! I was even able to video tape it. I was so sad that I lost him.


A few months after losing Spikey I started talking about when we leave to travel. Having a dog with us to share in the adventures would be amazing. Ted really isn’t a hiking type of cat and I don’t think I could find another lover kitty like Spikey. My cousin, who is also my roommate had been wanting a dog all of her life so I decided that I would get a dog, and she offered to help out. That way when she is able to get her own dog she will have some experience in dog ownership.

I went to the local pound about three times before I found a dog that I loved. My bestie was with me when we met him for the first time, and she thought he would be the perfect dog for me. But I took two dogs out for a walk before him just to weigh my options. Those dogs were way too much energy for me, and they didn’t seem to care if I was there or not. That’s not the type of animal I was looking for. I already had one of those animals who don’t care if I’m there or not…her name is Ted.

The dog I was interested in had an injured leg, and was wearing the cone of shame so he wouldn’t mess with the stitches on his leg.

Cloud aka Parley Wright

So I put my name in and asked if I could adopt him, and two and a half weeks later I got the call…I can come take him home. The pound had named him Cloud, but my cousin had said we should name whatever dog we get after our great grandpa…Parley Wright. PW for short.

Parley Wright leaving the shelter

To say that he is a loving, calm dog is an understatement. He is the perfect natured dog and he fits so easily into my crazy life!

Since I own my business, he is allowed to come to work with me. He has his own bed, food dish, water dish, treats and of course…dog toys. He just lays there and takes a nap as I work, just like Spikey…

Parley Wright

He has a lot of firsts in the last five days of his life with me. A trip to the pet store for puppy supplies, home depot to buy a lawn mower, riding in the jag, riding in the truck, watching TV, meeting lots and lots of people, traveling to the big city, having strangers ask to pet him, seeing cows and horses for the first time, going to his new vet for a check up, sleeping on the bed and last but not least…trying to make friends with the two kitties who live in the house. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Parley…

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1 thought on “I’m a travelin’ dog…and cat

  1. You have so much love in you girlfriend! I am glad you had your precious cat so long. Last night as I was sleeping our younger cat (@8 y/o) crawled up on my chest and tucked his head into the hollow of my neck. Check dad wasn’t using it so he did. He has his older non sibling sister but she has been human since I brought her home from another country worker back in the day of our in-house internet. She is going on 11. She is the talker but he has learned there are times to get attention by demanding it. They traveled long the most with us for three years and were our best friends and the best entertainment. So wish as much for you and Parley. So sorry you lost Smiley but so glad she had you to love on her. HUGS!

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