I was able to pick up my trailer last Friday from my K sisters house and it is now parked in front of my house! Sorry neighbors…

And now I’m going to begin the remodel! YEAH! Here are some pictures before I started tearing things apart.

Parley was an awesome helper!

I cleaned out all of the cupboards, took all the cabinet doors and the bathroom door off. I made a chart so that I will know what doors go where. I will be changing out the knobs and painting each one. I will put chalkboard paint on the bathroom door. I took the table off, took the cushions out so I can have my mom recover them and I took all the curtains down. I will be putting up different types of blinds that will block out the light.

Here are pictures of what the trailer looks like after the first day. It’s a little messy, but I’m happy to have been able to start working on getting it remodeled!

I also put together a time lapse video of my work! So much fun!

What’s next?

Here’s a list of things I will be working on in the next couple of weeks:

  • Fix water damage
  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Remove table
  • Clean out the storage under the table benches
  • Ensure the propane and water lines are good
  • Take off kitchen counter and replace with a shorter one
  • Purchase new batteries and propane tanks

I’m also beginning the list of expenses so I can figure out how much all of this remodel is costing me! I will try to keep the costs low so I can have more in savings for when I hit the road.

I’m still trying to figure out if the trailer is a girl or a boy, and what I need to name her/him. I’m sure it will come to me as I work on it more.

That’s it for this week!! Make sure to come back next Tuesday to see more of my progress!

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