Next stop…New Mexico!

I have never been to New Mexico before…But just entering the Land of Enchantment I knew I already loved it!

And yes, still taking pictures out my window…one hand on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The landscape was amazing! And the people were so nice!

I have learned that when my trailer starts to sway a little that it has to do with the trailer tires. The trailer started to sway and they seemed to be a little low so as I stopped for gas I drove over to the air/water refill station they had there…out of order. Fuck. So I drove to the next gas station…$1.50 per fill and they took credit cards. I was desperate so I paid the $1.50 and filled the tires as best as I could. They are supposed to be at 50 psi and before I filled them they were 40 psi, not good. They are truck tires, not trailer tires, so they are a little more heavy duty at least.

Also, I had also been struggling with my trailer battery. It was dead…and I mean completely dead! I bought a stronger battery charger then what dad installed in my trailer…nope, nothing.

So I did what every good daughter does…I called dad. He told me to go to Discount Tire to get the tires checked. Well, he actually first asked if there was a Les Schwab in New Mexico…nope. And he told me to take the battery back to Auto Zone since it should still be under warranty. I told him I would do both. I just wasn’t sure when.

After a few hours on Highway 40 I arrived in Gallup New Mexico and proceeded to USA RV Park! Parley was excited because I told him there was a dog park. The cats are jealous of the dog parks. Wish they had a fully enclosed cat park…with trees. First world problems.

I pulled into my spot at the end. It had no grass, just rocks and no real shade. But it was ok, it wasn’t that hot here.

I was going to be here for two nights and three days. I really like to stay someplace for at least two nights. Unless I need to just stop to sleep and move on the next morning. But with two nights it gives you a full day to check things out.

As I walked around the campground I saw some really cool stuff. One thing that was awesome was the military memorial for every branch. It was awesome! Of course I’m partial to the Marine Corps…

The campgrounds dog park was visible from our campsite, and Parley sat outside and watched all the dogs go to and from the dog park. He loved it! Sometimes when I saw dogs over there I would take him to go play.

The cats on the other hand had their little red foldable cage to sit in, or they hung out in the trailer. I only get their big wire cage out if we are going to be somewhere longer than three days. It’s a pain to put up and to take down. I love them but…

A couple walked by as I had the cats out in their red pop up cage and came over to see the kitties. They said they had an older cat in their trailer. They were here working at the hospital. This has been a theme that I keep hearing. Medical folks are traveling in their trailers, and stopping and working in hospitals and clinics that need temporary Covid help. They said they love the freedom of being able to relocate when they need to.

At each place I eat primarily the same things, but this time I ordered food from the local italian restaurant! And they delivered it right to my doorstep…well, trailer step. Yummy food! Plus I love mornings where I don’t have to go anywhere and I can make my specialty…eggs and potatoes! And nope not real sausage on my plate, it’s fake sausage, and yummy!

On the second night I was there another RV’er pulled up in the spot next to me. I didn’t realize how big that trailer was until I was walking back from the dog park…my trailer can fit inside that trailer!

I woke up early on the day of my departure, and as I was getting the trailer ready to be towed the women from the campsite across from mine walked over and asked if I was traveling alone. I said I was, and she said that is so awesome and brave, kudos to you! That put a smile on my face and a skip in my step for the rest of the day. So nice of her!

As I was about to pull out of the campground parking lot I googled to see where the nearest Discount Tire was so I could get my tires looked at because they seemed a little off again. There was one in Albuquerque, sweet! That was going to be my next spot.

I had booked a night through Boondockers Welcome for that night near Albuquerque. I love this program because I can stay somewhere free of charge, and it’s safe. Plus the host was allowing me to hook up to power…score.

I arrived at the spot and there was another traveler parked next to me. He was working on the under belly of his trailer. He was a nice guy, traveling the country in his trailer like I was.

I learned about some cool things that he has found while traveling. HipCamp is a site that he uses, and it’s like an Air BnB for RVers. It’s pretty cool! And he joined Planet Fitness so he’s able to keep up with his workouts anywhere in the country. Plus he is able to utilize their showers after a workout. I’m not sure I’m a Planet Fitness person…I do like the free hydromassages and the massage chairs they offer to their members though.

I told him about Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts. I found out that he was staying at the same place as me thru HipCamp, not Boondockers Welcome like me. It’s so cool finding out about all the different programs out there.

He had told me his towing struggles with AAA not wanting to tow his trailer when his truck broke down. I told him about my policy. It allows me to have both truck and trailer towed for free, plus it’s insurance for those that live in their RV. They cover my stuff up to $4k for damage and theft. Which is nice because if my stuff gets stolen I will have to replace it…like my generator I spent good money on!

It’s nice talking to people who are in the same ‘boat’ as me! I get the best info!! Almost better than google and youtube.

Plus, all of the struggles that I have been going through, guess what!? I have found that ALL RV’ers experience the same things! It makes me feel better that it’s not just me.

The guy camping next to me has had more problems with his 2001 trailer than I have had with my 1967 trailer. Makes me feel better, but at the same time, can’t trailer manufacturers solve some of the issues. It almost seems that the trailers now a days are not built as good as the older trailers. Even though the new ones have a/c built in, and an attached awning…so that’s something I guess.

Parley loved looking out the window at the neighbors yard where dogs were playing.

It was quick stay here as we were leaving early in the morning and heading to Tucumcari New Mexico. Trying pronouncing this town’s name.

But first, Discount Tire…then Tucumacari…here we come!

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