After leaving my Boondocker site I went directly to Discount Tire…which was actually just down the road. Which was cool!

The guys that work there are amazing!! They took my trailer tires off while me and the pets stayed in the truck, and deflated and inflated them to make sure there were no slow…or fast leaks. I was in and out within the hour. Plus, they said that even though my tires were from, cough, Les Schwab, that all the discount tires around the country will fill up my tires and check them out for free. This was amazing! I told them that if my tires go bad I will be purchasing from them! They said that’s why they check the tires for me…they are hoping I come to them next time I need tires. Great marketing because it worked! Love that they are everywhere in the USA! Sorry Les Schwab.

So, they determined that my low tire pressure was probably due to the cold weather at night, that makes sense. Because there was no leak at all in either tire. Yeah! So I drove off with my tires perfectly inflated to 50 pse…all was almost right with the world. Next problem to fix…my trailer battery.

I was just not up to going to auto zone the same day as discount tire…I know, I know.

So after leaving discount tire I headed to the Tucumcari KOA campground for two nights and three days!

I arrived at the campground, parked at the entrance and walked over to the front office. There was a sign and a radio hanging on the door. The sign instructed me to use the radio to let them know that someone was checking in. At this KOA the front office, bathhouse and pool were closed to the public. Which was fine because I showered that morning, and I didn’t need the shower.

I was going to use the time at this campground to fix all the stuff that had been breaking in the trailer. I had some hard core glue and wanted to use it!!

The campground owner came to the front gate and had me follow him to my campsite.

It was a cool campground. Plenty of space, grass and trees. And a dog park…

I pulled into the site and got everything hooked up, then took Parley to the dog park…he loved it as per usual.

I had a couple of projects that I wanted to get done in the short time I was at this campsite. One was fixing the stove hood that had half way fallen off the cabinet. I just glued the shit out of it and then used a screen and the cat backpack to hold it in place so that it would seal correctly. Glue is my friend.

I also glued the shit out of the window frame where I had put the exhaust for the a/c unit. And the trim fell off of my half wall…glue fixed that too!

The shelf bracket in my food cupboard broke on one of the shelves. I was lazy, and I had run out of glue, so I just took that shelf out and rearranged things. Plus one of my cupboard doors below my stove flew open during the drive and shit flew out of the cupboard smacking the door and bending the hinges making the cupboard not shut correctly. And for some odd reason the door handle even came off. So I unscrewed the hinges, hammered them back into shape, then hung the door upside down so the stupid things would shut. It worked, and it doesn’t look too weird.

Sydney loves my hair ties…

There were a lot of birds at this site and the cats absolutely loved being outside, or at the window watching them.

I felt so accomplished!! It was a great stay!! Quiet and peaceful!

Ok, bring on Texas!!!!

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