IMG_6545Day 7 of the road trip…feels like we just left town a day or two ago, not a week ago.

Woke up still dizzy in the morning, but thank god for Dana, he found me some Dramamine on his venture out to the store this morning!

Just before 11:00 am, Martin, Dana and Beth went on a helicopter tour of Mount Rushmore, Custer and the surrounding area.  They said it was amazing!  I wished that I could have went, but my head was still not right, plus it was more then I wanted to spend on a helicopter ride…and I could just watch their video of it and pretend I was there.

Beth was awesome and did two loads of laundry for us.  The boys were funny about not intermingling the laundry, Beth and I didn’t care, we just threw all our clothes in together.  I threw in the last of the clothes into the dryer while they were gone.  I was starting to feel a little less dizzy so I took a shower and got ready for the day.

On our way to Rushmore we stopped at Grizzlies for lunch.  Our waitress was a college exchange student, just like one of the girls who checked us into our hotel.  Very interesting that they would settle here for the summer.

We arrived at Rushmore just a little before 2:00 pm.  There was a storm moving in slowing, but damn, the wind and cold weather was so welcomed by us.  We even were able to NOT use air conditioning in Ron Burgandy or the hotel room.  It was nice.  We also saw a couple people sporting Seattle Seahawk gear.  It was cool to yell Hawks at them and at least one person acknowledged us as kin.   We walked the trail up to the mountain, it was very cool.

We left tIMG_6591here and headed to Custer’s Last Stand, pit stop at an antique store.  The boys went there, and Beth and I went to Earth Treasures, Rockshop and Antiques.  My kind of store.  I got some precious gems, jewelry and a little flower plant that has gems for leaves.  It was a great store! Friendly store owner, and an old timer told Beth, “There you are!” like he knew us.  So sweet.

We loaded our hauls into Ron Burgandy and headed for Custer’s Last Stand.  We watched a documentary on the mountain they were working on and then we looked around at all the memorabilia.  This part of the country is very humbling, and the history that they have kept up on is incredible.

When we got back to the van we ventured into Custer to see the goings on there.  We walked into the first hole in the wall bar we saw, AJ’s Ore Car Saloon.  Very friendly people.  They said they were like family there, and to not tell people about their town because they like the winters to themselves there.  They were closing early because one of their friends daughters was getting married the next day, so they had to go get ready for the big day.

We sauntered down to Buglin’ Bull restaurant…to die for food!  Great atmosphere, felt like we were in a big city not Custer.  After dinner we saw a grocery store…got my meclizine so I could take two of those to get rid of my dizziness!!!

As we were driving back to the hotel we saw that Mount Rushmore was all lit up.  We missed the lighting ceremony but we were able to go into the park, even at 9:30 pm, and walked up to take pictures.

We got back to the room around 10:00 pm, off to never never land…we want to make it to Colorado by tomorrow!

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