My own little room…inside the room

Day 6 of the road trip.

Left Deadwood for Sturgis.  Arrived around 10:45 am.  Cute little town.  My ears have not been taking all this air conditioning, and my noggin’ did not take the mountains and the curvy road well.  My equilibrium got knocked off balance…more then usual.

Saw Sturgis from my seat in Ron Burgandy.  I only left my seat to use the la-vor-i-tory and to eat some breadsticks at Domino’s.  No, not hungover…this is something different.  Dizzy, nauseous and a road trip.  Not a good combination.

Choppers flying all day…love that sound

We finally arrived in Keystone around 2:00 pm…thank God.  Got an awesome room for two nights…only $30 a night per person.  Score!  President’s View Hotel complete with a swimming pool, hot tub and…free laundry!  I even got my own little corner of the room with a pull out little bed.   Heaven.

Right down from our hotel you could see and hear the choppers leaving and coming back from tours.  The boys will be taking a tour tomorrow of Mount Rushmore.  Beth and I will find something else to do while they go.  My head wouldn’t be able to take it, but I would have loved to have gone.

Once settled and after taking a very relaxing swim and dip in the hot tub we decide to head to town for dinner.  Ate at Ruby’s, good food.  Even brought some home to the hotel to eat the next day.

After dinner I couldn’t NOT be dizzy so I asked the group to drop me back off at the hotel.  I crashed hard.  The rest of the group left to go explore the town.  Pretty boring day for me.  Hopefully I can find some meclizine tomorrow so I can get rid of this vertigo.

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