Day 5

Woke up not too early and decided to go out on my own for the day…after I scaled a gate.

Everyone locks their doors and their gates to their houses. There is still crime abroad! Luckily it was a short gate.

I made it about 3 miles down the road and saw very cool things along the way…even a working phone booth!

After walking a while I found the entrance to the subway. Yep…subway. First time I’ve ever been on a subway, and it was pretty cool!

They even had statues under ground.

By the time I made it downtown it was time for lunch…pasta and moscato and beer sounded yummy!

Then more sightseeing, and ended up on the top of a big hotel bar with amazing sites!

After leaving the hotel I went back onto the subway and headed towards the water where there was more beer drank, and more sights to see!

Then I met up with my host and one of their friends at a seafood restaurant. Of course I did not partake in the seafood, but everyone else did! And there were kitties who lived at the restaurant that you could feed the leftovers too.

After the long day it was back to the house for a good night sleep!

19,400 steps taken in day 5

Day 6

Woke up pretty late and went to a restaurant named after my brother for breakfast!

Then was taken out of Athens and to the beach to go swimming! The weather was amazing!

After an amazing relaxing afternoon at the beach we went to another temple and the sites were amazing…I see a pattern with this trip, amazing sights!

Then this…the Temple of Athena.

After soaking in all the amazing sights it was time for dinner! We found an awesome restaurant on the way back to the city center. It was an open air patio…and amazing food, beer and company!

Then a walk on the docks. Lots of different types of boats…pleasure and fishing.

And we met some street dogs…

This was the last day in Athens. I would love to come back and stay longer. It’s an amazing and magical place!

11,384 steps taken in day 6

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