As I had written in my blog last week, I am heading to multiple cities in Europe, and the planning for this trip is still underway!

I have been planning the crap out of this trip! I have written up an agenda, and checked it twice! See below:

Leave Seattle, WA @ 12:20 pm                                                                 

Arrive in Dublin, Ireland @ 8:30 am

Leave Dublin, Ireland @ 11:05 am                                                           

Arrive in Amsterdam Netherlands @ 1:45 pm                                     

Stay in Amsterdam hotel

Leave Amsterdam, Netherlands @ 3:45 pm                                         

Arrive in Athens Greece @ 8:00 pm

Athens Greece

Athens Greece

Athens Greece

Athens Greece

Leave Athens, Greece @ 9:45 am                                                             

Arrive in Milan, Italy 11:20 am

Rent a car

Driving around Italy

Driving around Italy

Drop off car in Milan, Italy @ 8:00 am

Fly out of Milan, Italy @ 10:15 am                                                            

Arrive in Dublin, Ireland @ 11:50 am

Leave Dublin, Ireland @ 10:15 am

Arrive in Seattle, WA @ 1:45 pm

whew…………………..obviously this will not be a leisurely trip, but damn it’s going to be fun!

And because of my amazing brother we will be touting our REI traveling backpacks around Europe!

I got the dual purpose back pack from REI. It is amazing. it has a day pack, and a detachable suitcase! I even bought locks so no one steals my shit! Here is the link in case anyone wants to see what this pack can do!!

Now that I have my new backpack I am going to start to plan what I’m going to pack. The weather to where we are going is about 60 to 65 degrees. I had to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit…I googled it. Probably too cold to just pack a dress and flip flops to wear…and it’s probably too hot for winter garb. I’m going to continue to research weather and packing information. Thank you to my awesome brother for the amazing hook up on the REI gear…a priceless gift!! Love him!

I’m also so excited to rent a car and drive on the wrong side of the street…I need to put that on my bucket list!! That and seeing the Red Light District in Amsterdam. I do know I can’t take pictures there, but I bet I can describe it in words…and I always have my memory.

Another thing I’m so excited about is driving around Italy…let me say that again…driving around Italy! I have dreamt about this for a long time and I’m so damn excited that I have been given this amazing opportunity to go on this trip. I always thought it would be way too expensive to do this trip, but I have connections that make it possible…places to stay for free are priceless!

Back to reality now…an update on the camper: my dad is now testing all the systems to make sure they work, my mom has finished the dinette cushions and she is now working on getting some window covers done that will stick to the inside of the window frames of the trailer with magnets, and I’m going to go buy the paint for the walls so I can get the walls done before it gets too cold. Here is the paint color of the walls that I’ve picked out.

It’s a grey with a little blue in it. This picture does not do it justice.

I also need to buy the door paint for the inside cupboard doors in the trailer. See color swatch below.

All cupboard doors will be this color except the bathroom door. I want to paint that door with chalkboard paint. That way I can write notes on it…it’ll be fun!

Stay tuned!!

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