That’s what I keep telling myself…stay in the moment little girl.

My truck is still in the shop, and it appears that I now do not need a new fuel pump, thank god. Just a fuel filter, spark plugs, etc. I knew that there would be bumps in the road, just didn’t think it would be this soon.

But, today I decided not to dwell on what I can not control, but instead to stay in the moment. Take in all that I’m thankful for, and to relax.

I’m still at my aunt and uncles, and it’s good to be spending time with them, and some time with my cousins.

Parley, Sydney and Murray made friends with my aunt and uncles dog, even though Parley was a little grumpy with her.

As they talked amongst themselves..I chill-axed in the pool!

It was a hot day today, but the pool helped.

I also took some time to work on my adventure route on this awesome app I have called RoadTrippers. Love the app. (and they didn’t even pay me to say that)

Now I’m sitting at my trailer table finishing this blog. It feels good…even better than how I imagined it would.

Love my air conditioning unit too! It’s been a life saver! When I get to California I’ll be in the same spot for a week so I’ll be able to work on some projects. One is to make it easier for the air conditioner hose to go out the window without it all blocking the whole middle of the trailer and one side of the table.

And for all of you that have been waiting to see the video I’m putting together showing the remodel of the trailer…I’m still working on it!

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