I’m still in Eastern Washington at my Aunt and Uncles house…truck is still in the shop. Something about spark plugs and a fuel pump. Getting the estimate tomorrow morning and I hope that they can get the work done tomorrow!!

But if I had to be stuck, this is the place to do it!!

One thing about my family is that they are all amazing! It’s nice to know that if I’m in trouble I have so many people to turn to… It’s humbling.

Went shopping with my cousin to get some items for the road! One item that I didn’t realize that I needed was a sunshade for the truck window. While I was driving here the sun was on the passenger side and so the animals all came to lay next to me to get out of the sun. I had the air-conditioning on but it was still hot in the direct sun.

So, to the baby section at target we went with my aunt in tow.

Another thing I desperately need is Clorox wipes so I can keep the trailer clean! But no one has them in stock…so I got the generic kind. We will see how these work.

The cats and parley love it here too! They got to hang out in the house all day and even got to go outside and play!

Now we are back in the trailer for the night. Used the air conditioning unit to cool off the trailer while I took a shower at my aunts house.

And I’m avoiding the laundry mat because my awesome aunt offered to do a load of laundry for me!!!

Loving life!!

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