I have finally gotten my blog back up and running again! Woohooo!

So now, let me start catching you all up on the goings on…

In early December my love flew down to San Antonio to spend a month or so with me, over Christmas and New Years!

The next day we loaded up the truck and trailer and all the animals and off we went…North.

We stayed one night in Anahuac, Texas where we used my Harvest Host membership and stayed at Frascone Winery!

It was a beautiful place. The owner led us to our site, we hooked up our water and electricity and then the host drove us in his golf cart to the winery. We bought two wine tasting trays, a bottle of wine, and my love ate deep fried gator. He said it tasted a little like seafood, but since I’m a vegetarian, I passed on the gator.

The next morning we headed further north…we were making our way up to Memphis Tennessee!

Next stop was Texarkana. We stayed at the KOA there. It was a nice place, but we were getting into cold and rainy weather…I put away the A/C and brought out the electric heater! Murray was mad that he couldn’t go outside…

We woke up early again and hit the road! Next stop…Memphis. It was going to be a long drive day, but we were heading to one of my love’s friends house. We were going to have an awesome tour guide of the city, and a free place to stay!

We were about 30 minutes from Memphis and making really good time then traffic stopped and stood still for over three hours…yep, three hours just sitting on the road. We put Murray and Sydney in the trailer so they could go potty, and lounge on the bed. Parley got taken out a couple of times to use the potty, and thank god we also had our own potty in the trailer! We were luckier than most people stuck on the freeway. This was our view for all of those hours…there was a fatality wreck in front of us, and they completely closed the freeway down.

Finally after dark we made it to our destination. I did a rock star job of backing up the trailer into a small driveway with cars parked on both sides of the street. I’m going to pat myself on the back right now for that skill!

Once we arrived we hooked up water and electricity, made sure the pets were ok, and we were whisked off to a family birthday party. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was so hospitable. They fed us well!! I got a vegetarian sandwich and everyone else got a big meat one. We even got cake!

The next day we were taken on a tour of Memphis!!! It was amazing! We first went outside of Graceland. We were too cheap to pay the cost of the tour.

Then is was off to the largest Bass Pro Shops! It was a whole village in there…it was very outdoorsy!

They even had an elevator that went up to a restaurant and a huge deck on the side of the pyramid!

After eating, and having a nice cold beer at the top of the pyramid it was off to downtown Memphis!!

I will have to say that Memphis reminded me of New Orleans, but smaller. Downtown was fun, not too many people because of COVID, and because it was a rainy, cold Sunday. But it was still fun!

All the bars were open, and we ducked into one that looked good. We were the only people in there, but it was fun to see all the decor!

Then as we were sitting in the bar, I heard music coming down the street!! I ran out and got a short video of an impromptu band moving down the street! It was pretty cool!

Then it was off to a new local brewery! It’s interesting coming from a county in Washington state where there are at least 10 brewery’s, and in most of the places I’ve been in I’m lucky to find even one.

But we were lucky enough to go to this one! It was a large warehouse, and pretty cool! Crosstown Brewing Co!

Here are some other pictures I took while driving through Memphis…

It was an awesome stay! And I will for sure be back to spend more time in Memphis!! Loved it!

We thanked our wonderful hosts, and the next day we were off to Nashville!!!

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