We left Memphis having had an awesome time, and headed to Nashville.

We were only in Nashville for one night because of the snow that was coming within the next couple of days. At least that’s what it said on my weather app. (love the weather app) This picture obviously was taken after we got back from the our night out. Sucks to forget to take a picture when you first arrive!

We drove to our campsite at the KOA near the Grand Ole Opry. Literally, across a few parking lots to grandmothers house you go! There were quite a few people there (not evident by the pictures). But we had to wait to take our picture in front of a guitar! crazyiness…

And as you can see by my attire, the sun may have been out, but damn it was cold! brrrrr….

I snapped pictures as we drove to downtown, very cool city, reminded me a little of Seattle.

We went downtown and ate dinner at a dog restaurant called Chuy’s Mexican Food. It was pretty good!

It was a cool restaurant that featured dogs! It was pretty cool! Even made a video about it…in all honesty, it was to practice making one.

Then it was off to find some music…after all, we were on Music Row! We found a really cool little place called The Row. They had yummy beer, and even better music! They had live music with a new group, or solo artist every hour! It was very cool! I would definitely come back here again! Just for this place!!

Even got a picture of the Willie Nelson wall for my dad!

Here’s a video of two of the musicians. It was hard to video everything, and I believe I facebook lived the rest of the artists…dangit. Oh well, here’s what I got!

Then it was back to the campsite, and dammit if we weren’t going to take advantage of the hottub…in 30 degree weather. It felt nice, except for when it was time to get out! Luckily there was a bathroom nearby that had showers!!!

The next morning it was off again south. There was a lot of critters outside for the pets to look at! And Murray did not like the selfie stick…he wanted to kill it!

As we headed off south we looked for a place that was free…well, we found one! It was 387 miles away…we can do this!!

We saw lots of cool stuff on our way to our free spot.

And a lot of cotton!!! Huge cotton fields all around us! It was pretty cool to see that much cotton. And this cotton was much different than the cotton in Texas. Sorry Texas, but Alabama cotton is much bigger than yours…just a fact!

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